Back-to-School with NBS: A Timeless Tradition Shared By Moms & Kids

If you asked what made me look forward to going back to school when I was a child, my top answers would be seeing friends again and preparing my school supplies. These two motivational factors balanced out the tinge of sadness that came with saying goodbye to summer vacation and the natural apprehension that came with the start of a new school year. 

Being a paper and pen enthusiast, it was the simple joy of choosing pens and notebooks for the school year that would uplift me. Preparing stickers to label my notebooks and folders, wrapping them with plastic, and choosing a school bag were all part of the fun!

Now that I'm a mom, I go through these same experiences vicariously with my children's back to school days. With my two older boys in college, it is Reese I enjoy this with. Her enthusiasm for school gives me a fresh take on "back to school" season.

Reese studies in a progressive school and her requirements are different from what I’m used to. She is not required to have a notebook per subject, there are no folders needed, books are provided by the school, and I would say the books are much less in quantity than traditional schools.  I realized how different her back-to-school shopping needs were when we went to National Book Store to buy her school stuff. 

Check out this photo essay of our shopping experience--

Here we are shopping for notebooks.


Since she doesn’t need much notebooks, we were looking at this wide selection of premium notebooks and journals. We were amazed at the wide variety that NBS carries. 

We were impressed that National Bookstore had a pen showcase that featured brands we normally have to go abroad for. The pens we love are finally available locally in National Bookstore!

Reese is determined to practice good and smart study habits this year, so she bought tools to help her achieve her goal such as:


Flashcards and containers for it! 

Organizer tool - pouches

We were able to buy everything we needed! Plus, we discovered new and interesting products and brands that can help enhance Reese’s studying. That’s what we love about National Bookstore!

For us busy mommies, having a store like NBS as a one-stop-shop really saves everyone time and energy in getting our kids ready for school.  

Here is a photo of Reese and I, with NBS Managing Director, Xandra- Ramos Padilla

Going to NBS was my back-to-school tradition. And now, I share this with Reese and my 2 boys. For a brand to surpass generations says a lot about National Bookstore’s quality of service and variety of offerings. 

Thank you National Bookstore for your legacy that spans generations of Filipinos!

By Janice Villanueva