Learn to Declutter and Spark Joy! Join us in our FB Live! Expert on Board Series, Jan. 23, Wed, 5-6pm


Every mom wants to be BFFs with Marie Kondo after her Netflix series premiered on the first day of the year. Guess what, Mommies! On January 23, Wednesday from 5-6pm we’ll have the first and only certified Konmari Consultant in the country, Ms. Christine Dychiao, to tell us how to tidy over our spaces to spark joy the Konmari way.

Christine attended the Konmari Consultant Seminar in New York in 2017 and since then, has spent over 100 hours working with clients in tidying their homes. She also serves as a resource person for workshops and media on the topic of tidying and decluttering.

Her own journey began when she first discovered Marie Kondo and her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up in 2014. Overwhelmed with the stuff she had accumulated over the years of mindless consumption, and feeling its toll on her well-being, she immediately put the KonMari principles to practice and felt an immediate lightness in mood and clarity of mind. She has since used her own experiences and learnings to support others in their decluttering journey.

Follow Christine Dychiao on FB and IG @christinedychiao and @sparkjoy.ph.