Shift Up! Your Family with Strengths Strategies for Optimal Living


Unlock the Strengths of your Family; apply Strengths Strategies to Shift Up for Optimal Living

Why engage in a Shift Up! Your Family Experience?

Every day you and your children are bombarded with messages about where value comes from; appearance, grades, performance, popularity, money, friends and intelligence. These things can lead to insecurity and fear and get in the way of your family members seeing their unique gifts and growing more fully into their potential.

Shift Up Your Family! arms you with tools, Strengths Strategies, to help you navigate the whitewater you face everyday. It can help to future-proof your children and family against the disease, including the depression and anxiety that nearly 40% of all young people experience.

Turn “Toxication” into Connection

It’s normal for families to have frustration, conflict, and toxic feelings from time to time. If left unchecked, they create a template for children to imitate in their interpersonal relationships and future families and can create disconnection inside your family.

Shift Up Your Family! teaches you how to recognise and respond to your own needs, create your own conditions for joy, recover from frustration, intelligently influence others, and see the uniqueness in those around you. It will turn toxic feelings into connection!

Workshop Details

March 3, Sunday 8.30am-5.30pm @ Ace Hotel & Spa, Pasig City

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About the Founder


DeAnna Murphy is the CEO & founder of People Acuity.

She is a 25-year leadership development veteran, a Top 100 Global Coaching Leader and the lead author of the book Shift Up! Strengths Strategies for Optimal Living. Known as a dynamic and engaging speaker and facilitator/coach, DeAnna uses a personalized, interactive approach to transformation that has been hailed as “life-changing.”

She has facilitated workshops, engaged in human-resource talks, and other media guestings in the Philippines to launch the #shiftup and #peopleacuity movement in the country.

About the Facilitators


Kit Llamas is a Gallup Certified Coach and People Acuity’s leading international partner. Kit is a talented facilitator of learning and executive coach and a highly sought after FranklinCovey facilitator. Kit is known for instinctively understanding business problems and leading a customized strategy to resolve them.


Inaki Llamas is a certified People Acuity Guide and Managing Partner of Camp Explore, Inc. and Zekaf Restaurant and Catering Food Services, Inc.