#GlaMOMfied Your Life

There are a lot of assumptions on what motherhood’s all about. While there is a fulfilling, positive side to being a mom 24/7, they also say this is the time women start losing themselves - not having the time to glam up or look good, which normally results weariness and looking more than how old you actually are. Imagine - motherhood is a full-time thing. In fact, they say that it amounts to 2.5 full-time jobs. Can you imagine the toll it can take, physically and emotionally?

Yes, we do have a lot on our plate! But it’s exactly the skills that we’ve acquired through being moms that have made us experts in finding the right tools to help you feel glam, look fresh, and stay youthful! Here are 5 fool-proof ways to ensure you’re giving yourself the TLC you need (and to take a few years off):

1. Start with a skin care regimen that defies ageing 

Cleansing properly is the easiest way to make sure your skin is smooth and clear! Choose a cleanser that has low PH ~ gentle enough but packs a punch to renew it.


We love Skin Doctors pH Balancing Cleanser. It contains avocado extract that’s perfect for rehydration while the alpha hydroxy acid helps improve skin texture. Ingredients have properties that fight skin sagging and ageing.You can save time skipping the highlighter when your skin already glows from within! No need to hide your dark circles, and worry about looking too old. This balancing cleanser can promise to repair damage skin, and even brighten it up . You can sport a no-shame, no-make-up look that you’d be confident to show off. Make your mom friends wonder how you’re defying ageing!

2. Say NO to sun damage

Sun causes a whole lot of premature ageing and hyperpigmentation. You’ll be surprised how well a good sunblock can help in maintaining your youthful look. Applying a sunblock protects your skin from early formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin Doctor SPF Mommy Mundo

Our pick is the Skin Doctors Supermoist SPF 50 UVA/UVB Sun Protection. It’s non-greasy, absorbs quickly and lightweight but keeps your skin moisturize. Keep one in your bag and re-apply every few hours to keep your skin looking light and glowing!

3. Don’t let your hair down, let down your hair!


If you find your locks always in a bun, this could be the perfect time to change your relationship with your brushes. We discovered WetBrush and it’s been life-changing! Each brush has Intelliflex bristles that are firm enough to withstand and deal with tangled hair. It offers pain-free, damage-free brushing. They have specific brushes (and technology) to tackle all kinds of hairstyles. You can say goodbye to brittle, dull and not-so-fine locks. Not only will the Wetbrush take care of your hair, but it will bring it back to how it probably was years ago even before you were a mom - bouncy, shiny and fresh! 100% happy hair is what you get!! Bonus: they’re awesome to use on our kids, too.

    • Chill Mom - go for the Wet Original Detangler with Intelliflex bristles will smoothen your hair with less pain and effort.

    • Wash and Go Mom - WetBrush Speed Dry should be perfect for you with its heat-flex bristles. It has Aerotechonology which incorporates an open-vented design that makes drying hair easier and a lot faster. You’ll look like the mom who had hours to spare to style your hair - when in reality, it was easy-peasy!

    • Locks Luster - if your hair can get as dull as your mood, go for WetBrush Shine Enhancer. The boar bristles paired with Inteliflex technology will stimulates the hair to produce natural oils that’ll give it a natural shine.

4. Lovely curls in a snap!


Make your hair the main attraction with the quick pick-me-upper bouncy curls from Kiss InstaWave Hair Curler do! The easiest curling wand you’ll ever use, and it does feel like magic. The automatic curler does all the work. No more fuzzing over how hard it is to achieve salon-like locks. all you have to do is section your hair, place these sections on the curler, and see the magic happen with a press of the button. No elbow-grease required.

5. Nails Be Done!


We love getting a good mani/pedi but with Kiss Press and Go Press-On Manicure, no need to take a trip to the nail salon. These press-on nails is just as good! Better eve! It stays days longer making it ideal for our busy schedule. Its unique adhesive attaches to the nail bed gently and effectively that you don’t have to give it a second thought. Applying it as easy as working with your children’s stickers! We’re sold on the no-drying time factor. And with several designs to choose from, we can have posh-looking nails every week!

How easy is that? In no time, people will be asking how you do it!

They’ll be asking how you can afford looking fresh and even with skin quality that compares to our kids’! Looking good doesn’t have to be hands-on work for us moms. But most importantly, having a happier mindset will really change how you look and feel - on the inside and out!

Stay youthful with products that are made to fit into your busy mom schedules! Make looking good as easy as pie with all of these products from Beauty Beat! To shop for the products mentioned visit SM Stores, Watsons or order online through www.beautybeat.com.ph!