Gingersnaps: Stylish Everyday Wear for Your Kids

We live in a time where children’s wear is trendy, global and fashion-forward ~ and this is why Gingersnaps was born. Their core involves a deep passion for fashionable children’s and maternity wear. Fashion is exciting, ever changing, constantly evolving.

They are distinct - offering clothes with a mix of bold and muted tones, lush fabrics, curated prints and exciting patterns. Their collections intend to give parents a delightful shopping experience and kids their stylish everyday wear.


A few pieces from the collection were featured in the store window amidst a tree with foliage and flowers, chandelier vines, a French door, bird cages, a  few garden vases filled with lavender and a wheel barrow with a basket of pink and white flowers.

The theme continues on inside the store where guests excitedly lingered to take photos in the instagram corner ornamented with a swing spruced by foliage, hanging flowers, a vintage French bicycle and a garden variety of blooms.


The collection’s charm and the models’ captivating personalities were a perfect chemistry that lighted the entire event with festivity and delights!

Gingersnaps has boutique stores and department store corners in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia. The next few years will see them bringing their concept to different regions.