#PassItOnMom: Sam Lewis, Modeling Strength and Kindness To Single Moms


Sam Lewis is proudly a young single mom to a beautiful boy named Lukas and is a model by profession. She is very intentional about being hands-on with raising her little boy. When one sees her, she exudes not only beauty, but gentleness and kindness. But don’t be mistaken, she may be soft-spoken, but every word she utters inspires many women, especially single moms, to be strong in overcoming trials and still see the beauty that motherhood brings. She also encourages women to live in the moment, She says, “deal with what you have now and try to make it perfect. I always try my best to live in the present — definitely not in the past, and also not anxiously looking at the future that I forget to enjoy what is in front of me .”


Passing on Values of Strength, Compassion, and Kindness

Being a single mother is not the most ideal situation one could be in. But Sam managed to stay strong and faced every challenge of motherhood. She believes that this strength comes from her own mother, experiencing firsthand how her mom raised her, also single-handedly after the passing of his dad, and is now also very involved with raising her grandson.

“I think my situation right now isn't the best and the most ideal but my mother is one of the strongest people I know…and I think that’s the thing that she's imparted in me. Hearing from her tell me ‘that if others can then you can’ is something very empowering and gives me the confidence and just shows how big of a heart she has.”

“One thing that I would want my son to learn from me is to follow his dreams and to be kind. Just remember to relax and live in the moment parenting doesn’t come with a manual so we learn every day, we make mistakes but it's out of loving our child. (If you’re) thinking that you want to have a child at the perfect time,. there's no perfect time when the child is there it becomes perfect. Even if you think you don't have enough, all of a sudden you have all the energy, and you'll look for all the resources and you will do anything for your child. and I think that's the most important part.”

Watch Sam’s Pass It On video here:

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*All photos taken by Sheila Catilo at Lady Scott Jones Showroom

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