Mommy Mundo Supports Karrots Nazareno's Appeal To Public For Search And Rescue Of Husband Bryan Nazareno

Karrots Nazareno, a mom of two and a huge part of Mommy Mundo community, is appealing for the public's support to help find her missing husband Bryan Nazareno. He was last seen on Monday, June 3, around 3:45pm at the dive site Amos Rock, Tubbataha Reef, Palawan. He was on a dive trip with his good friend Gutsy Tuason and the Squires Bingham Group aboard the Palausport.

The third dive that day was set at 3:00 pm at Amos Rock. Eleven minutes into the dive at around 3:45 pm, as they were doing their ascent, the divers discovered that Bryan was not in the group, that he was already missing. Immediately, a dive master was then sent up to check the shallow area and surface, and Scott Tuason went back down to check the area they were at and the last known position of Bryan. After not locating him, the group escalated the search to the Ranger Station and had involved the Governor's office as well.

The search and rescue continued throughout the night and well into daylight the following day, involving technical divers, Palawan's Office of the Governor, The Philippine Navy, the Philippine Air Force, The Philippine Coast Guard, the Tubbataha Management Office, and the teams of PalauSport and Squires Bingham Sports.


According to Squires Bingham's report: "As of this time, no extensive reef-top shallow water search had been conducted as it was presumed that Bryan probably sank back down into a deep area based on terrain, seeing as no signs were found on the surface as of yet."

The Philippine Coast Guard is now leading the search and rescue had already mobilized and dispatched marine vessels to aerial assets, but missing diver Bryan Nazareno has yet to be found.

Karrots Nazareno, appeals to everyone to continue searching until his husband Bryan is found and is asking to pray for her family in these trying times.

From Karrots Nazareno:

"We are working closely with the Office of the Governor in Palawan, The Philippine Navy, The Philippine Air Force, The Philippine Coast Guard, the Tubbataha Management Office and the team of PalauSport and Squires Bingham Sports.

There are teams of technical divers, one of which has sonar panels, divers from the Navy working with our volunteers with underwater drones, there are teams of volunteer divers that are continuously doing the search.

Air surveillance is also ongoing. A chopper is on standby aboard a Navy ship ready to be dispatched with a team of medics. We have also informed hospitals and the police along coastline communities.

We are all working TOGETHER.

There is a chance he may be drifting along the Sulu sea, PLEASE DON’T STOP PRAYING.

If you have any leads, you may report this to the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Office - Palawan (0917-8161072). He was wearing a light grey top, dark grey shorts, a black hood and black long fins.

We would be so lost without the support of Governor Alvarez and the tireless work of his staff in organizing and mobilizing Search and Rescue efforts. We are deeply grateful to MVP for the overwhelming support he has given the family.

Thank you to the Philippine Navy, Philippine Air Force, Coast Guard, Tubbataha Management office and all the private stakeholders who are playing a crucial role in our efforts to find him.

We will do our best to keep everyone updated and stop any speculations coming from other sources as we are still trying to find Bry. Please help us share this and continue to keep him in your prayers.

WE WILL find him."

As of today, sixteen days after he was discovered missing, Karrot’s husband, Bryan Nazareno is still not found. Please help spread this news and support Karrots in her appeal for continuous public search of her husband - until he is found, until he comes home. The whole Mommy Mundo community is with you Karrots, praying that Bryan will soon be brought back home to your family.


Karrots Nazareno, a mom of two and advocate of positivity, joy, and kindness, has been part of our Mommy Mundo community and we are all here for her. She has always been admired for her candor and warm nature. She is a courageous woman who always chooses to see the beauty even in the face of adversity. Get to know more about Karrots in her #Mompowerment feature here:

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