Worry-Free Moms with Downy Kontra Kulob


Nowadays, the practice of drying clothes indoors has become prevalent.  21% of the population have no drying area, which could be a result of starting families options for condo living. Some moms tend to dry clothes indoors due to their fear of [possibly] exposing their clothes to harmful germs & pollutants. Others have no time to wash in the morning so they end up having to hang wet clothes indoors. Now, with the rainy season upon us, it’s even harder to rely on Mr. Golden Sun to dry clothes. 

When drying indoors, we moms fear that clothes become kulob, and we all know what that smells like. The smell of clothes that didn’t dry up completely, or damp clothes that didn’t get enough air or sun will surely get anyone’s attention, but for all the wrong reasons. It’s unpleasant, and if moms run into this problem, they’d think all their efforts doing the laundry are put to waste - making them feel unaccomplished and less confident about their capabilities in taking care of their family. 

Kulob-smelling clothes are something we do not want to live with. It’s not okay.

Luckily, Downy has made something available in the market that specializes in fighting kulob.

The new Downy Kontra Kulob is formulated with 20x Antibac Powder - providing long-lasting freshness to your wardrobe, and protect against matador especially when clothes are dried indoors. The distinct musty malodour is actually caused by germ growth so moms need a strong, reliable fabric enhancer to ensure that you & the whole family’s clothes aren’t soiled.

We put Downy Kontra Kulob to the test to see if it will be a mom-approved solution to fight against kulob.

‘An Honest Review’


Downy Kontra Kulob did not fail. We tested it in two ways - hand wash and machine wash.


We added the fabric enhancer during the rinse cycle by pouring a generous amount into the deeper pockets of the water. While rinsing the clothes, the water already oozes fragrance and freshness from Downy - and it makes us feel that the antibac is making its way in and out, and through the clothes. The fabric softener doesn’t sting on the hands when used, and it doesn’t leave a strong smell even after finishing the laundry.


We loaded everything in the washing machine and put in an ample amount of Downy. Needless to say, clothes smelled fresh even just unloading it from the washing machine, regardless of the state the clothes were in when they went in, not to mention how they smelled, which depended on who used them or what they did on the day they had those clothes on!

In both ways, we hung our clothes inside a room and left it there overnight.


The next day, the clothes smelled super fresh - as if they were sun-dried. No kulob-smelling odors threatening the almost-dry clothes we tested on. Imagine how much effort was saved on our part—we didn’t have to deal with that weird “didn’t-dry-properly” smell, or figure out plan B’s in making our clothes smell better, which is sometimes the case without fab con, or when using other brands.

The new Downy Kontra Kulob should be a stable fabcon for the home.

Moms can be worry-free knowing they have a reliable partner during laundry that they can count on.

For more information on Downy’s latest offerings, go to @downyphilippines on Instagram, or https://www.facebook.com/DownyPhilippines. It’s currently available in major supermarkets nationwide.