4 Basic Tips to Improve WiFi at Home


It is fortunate that more and more moms can opt to work from the comfort of their homes. Because of the wonders of technology, moms have become veritable wonder women, providing for their families while being hands-on in the everyday care of their children. While such a situation is a godsend, it comes with a number of challenges. Work-at-home moms often find it difficult to carve out time for work within their everyday routines. All too often, they only get to work when the little ones are asleep or in school. Technical difficulties also come into play. When the WiFi signal gets iffy or flips out altogether, the frazzled work-at-home mom must find ways and means to accomplish her work tasks for the day.

There are a couple of basic steps to improve WiFi performance at home that every mom can do.

#1 Check your router's location. If your router is hidden away in a locked cabinet, then you are very likely getting a poor or fluctuating signal. The best place for your router is a centrally located spot where it's within reach of your personal computers and mobile gadgets. Don't put it on the floor. It should be out in the open so that it can easily transmit the WiFi signal.

#2 Take note of signal distraction. Frequencies coming from everyday appliances like television sets, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and cordless phones can interfere with the WiFi signal. The interference may also come from your neighbor's own WiFi network. If your WiFi signal is strong one moment and then weak the next, it may be getting affected by other devices or networks.

#3 Give your router a regular checkup. It's easy to take your router for granted because you don't see it every day. However, it always pays to give it a regular checkup. It might need some dusting up like other everyday devices. Or maybe, just maybe, it might just need a replacement.

#4 Manage your children's digital usage. You may be enrolled in a package with the highest data plan but if every member of your family has at least two digital devices turned on 24/7, things are going to get pretty slow. Managing your family's digital use, specially your children's, is necessary. Create house rules for digital device usage, and make sure everybody follows it. While tablets make for practical nannies, giving work-at-home moms much-needed breaks, it is best to set a specific amount of time when kids can play with them.

Among the latest recommendations forwarded by the American Academy of Pediatrics include placing consistent limits on hours per day of media use as well as types of media used; recommending that children not sleep with devices in their bedrooms, including TVs, computers, and smartphones; and designating media-free times together and media-free locations in homes. More than freeing up bandwidth, managing your children's digital usage will contribute in their overall well-being and development.

But of course, for us moms, fixing our own internet or WiFi signal can be a bit tricky. Let’s admit it. Sometimes, we would opt to go out and find a WiFi zone cafe with more stable WiFi signal and finish our work there than deal with the complicated mess of our own internet. But what about our toddler who has to have his afternoon nap?

All these tips may come in handy, but it pays to have a solution that can help fix everything for your WiFi needs at home. Hope it comes soon!