5 Gender-Neutral Nursery Theme Ideas


By Sheena Sy Gonzales Not yet sure if your little peanut is going to be a boy or a girl but you’re already excited to work on the nursery? Why not choose a gender-neutral theme for the room instead? Not only is it flexible but having a gender-neutral nursery can also be a practical option because you can keep the theme even for your next baby.

So go beyond the usual pinks for girls and blues for boys. Create a stylish space for your little one with these 5 gender-neutral nursery theme ideas.


#1 Animals

You can never go wrong with an animal themed room because kids love animals!

Turn your baby’s room into a jungle that your little monkey will enjoy even as he grows older. Put indoor plants to give off that jungle feel and throw in his favorite stuffed animals for a wild adventure. You can even top it off with a giant giraffe to complete the look.

Or maybe you want to do a woodland forest theme instead? Cute foxes and squirrels are sure to delight your baby. Incorporate natural elements like rocks, branches and wood in your displays to complement the theme.

If an under the sea party is more your type, transform your walls into the ocean by painting it blue and sticking cute wall decals of fish, whales, and other sea creatures.

#2 Modern Minimalist

Create a timeless nursery by going for neutral tones. A combination of grey and white will give off that clean, modern feel. You can also opt to include a pop of color for your accents to make the room more fun; maybe a yellow lamp or a turquoise chair will do the trick.

Use simple, straightforward pieces to keep the room elegant and classy. Avoid big items that are heavily printed.

#3 Travel-themed

Oh the places your baby will go! Inspire wanderlust early on by hanging giant maps on the walls and decorating his room with vintage travel posters. You can even display some of your favorite memorabilia and souvenirs from your own travels.

Don’t forget to leave a space for your baby’s travel photos when he finally gets to go and see the world!


#4 Book-themed

Whether you’re the bookworm yourself or just want to inspire a future reader, create a room a book lover would enjoy. Take inspiration from all-time classics like Peter Rabbit and Dr. Seuss and use the artworks from the picture books as part of your décor.

You can even display favorite books by placing them in a floating bookshelf on the wall. Make sure the shelves are hung low so that your kids can reach for the books themselves when they’re a bit older!

#5 Coastal

Bring the beach inside your home with a coastal themed nursery. Your white crib will look perfect with white wood panels on the walls. Hang wooden canoe paddles or even a lifesaver to perfect the look.

To make the colors gender-neutral, try sticking to turquoise and add splashes of orange for your accents.

Sheena Sy Gonzales is an illustrator, designer and travel writer, who designed her baby’s safari-themed nursery herself (link: http://sheenalovessunsets.com/lukes-safari-room-v-1) She blogs about her life and travels at www.sheenalovessunsets.com. Find her on Instagram @sheenalovessunsets