5 Noteworthy Things That Change When You Become A Mom

Having a baby turns your life completely around! Moms will nod in agreement when we say that motherhood means changed priorities.

The Maternal Brain

Did you know that this is an actual fact? Scientific studies call it the maternal brain. Pregnancy and lactation hormones change the size of neurons in some regions and produce structural changes in some areas. This makes moms more attentive to their little ones and better at caring for them.

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Bags filled with diapers, continuous feedings, and sleepless nights might make you feel like your world’s turned upside down. But how can we complain when we’re willing to give anything and everything for our precious baby? Here are the top five things that do a one-eighty when you become a mommy.

1. It’s not about you anymore.

Get ready for a little, noisy, and sometimes bossy baby to takeover your world! Once he or she is born, your baby becomes your number one priority! Expect to wear the mommy hat while you’re shopping or doing the grocery, going out, or even while you’re resting. In all things, your infant’s needs and wants will be top consideration.


2. You learn that shopping shows are on at wee hours of the morning.

Babies and sleepless nights go together like bees and honey. Suddenly, going to bed at 8pm becomes as exciting as a night out on the town. Your sleep habits change and you try to catch sleep whenever you can. Your perennial eyebags are nothing to yawn about, but there are life lessons to be learned during these long nights of sleep deprivation. The convenience of TV shopping could be one of them, but you also learn to cherish moments when your baby literally cannot sleep without you.


3. You suddenly want to be healthy for your baby.

Goodbye salty chips! So long, junk food! The realization that this little person came from inside you sinks in. Your body is amazing and you want to keep it that way so you can watch your child grow up into a wonderful human being. There is newfound respect for your body during motherhood. Turn this inspiration into a kickstart for focusing on your health, not just to lose the excess weight but to give good nutrition to yourself and your little one.

4. You discover your inner strength.

Moms never know how much they can truly love until they have their newborn in their arms. Having a baby is not just a testament of physical strength, it translates to a newfound confidence on what you can achieve for the sake of your child.

5. The dynamics of your marriage changes.

Lack of sleep, raging hormones, and less opportunities for intimacy can forge a divide between you and your husband. Those are normal but know that you can (and should!) turn parenthood around as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship. Journeying through parenthood together can create a powerful bond. So savor each milestone together and keep the connection strong. Make sure you find ways to still have couple alone-time even if it’s just to have coffee together while the little one naps.


This list can go on and on, and we’re sure you have your own stories to tell about how motherhood changed your life! One thing is for sure, as many as the changes may be, it’s all for the better. Even with less sleep and fewer showers, motherhood has transformed you to be stronger, better, and inspired to be the best version of yourself. Indeed, motherhood is truly all worth it!