5 Things Every Expectant Mom Needs to Know to Prepare for Labor and Childbirth


Being pregnant is a wonderful thing. Knowing that there's a child growing inside you is an amazing privilege. But as much as you enjoy every minute of taking care of the baby in your belly, there is something that sometimes creeps up on you, nagging you into worry and fear: childbirth. Yes, you've heard all the horror stories about how absolutely excruciating and painful it is. But take heart, mom! Rome Kanapi, pioneering childbirth educator, says that you could easily manage labor and childbirth as long as you have the support of your spouse and family. It would also be best to pay attention to certain tips and techniques which would make labor and childbirth a more fulfilling experience.

ManagingFlow-PregnantPause11-425 Pioneering childbirth educator Rome Kanapi shares valuable tips for parents-to-be

At Mommy Mundo's Pregnant Pause 11, a learning session for modern moms-to-be and their partners to help alleviate their fears and anxieties by empowering them with relevant and useful information, Kanapi shared solid reminders that all expectant parents must keep in mind so that they are better prepared for the arrival of their child.

1. Prepare your bag for labor by 35 weeks. Your labor bag must contain the following: * Doctor's admitting order indicating that you allow your partner to be with you during labor and delivery * Childbirth Class Certificate, class notes, and information sheets * Eyeglass, hair clips, lip lubricant, back labor aids * Gelatin, lollipops, cotton balls * Toiletries, wash cloth, light jacket or wrap * Baby Book, camera with extra batteries * Relevant documents: medical insurance ID, Philhealth forms, marriage certificate, etc.

2. Prepare your information sheet in advance. When you're wheeled into the hospital, you will be asked for your medical history together with other relevant information. This will help medical professionals give you the best support possible. However, you may not exactly be in the best of moods while in labor, and may not recall vital pieces of information while in pain. So it's better to prepare your information sheet beforehand. Here are the information you should provide: * Name, blood type and Rh factor; provide your partner's information too * Last menstrual period and expected date of delivery * How old were you when you had your first period? Are you regular or irregular in menstruation? How many sanitary pads do you use on a heavy day? * History of the pregnancy * Any allergies as well as illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma, edema, etc. * Pregnancy tests done: Urinalysis, ultrasounds, CBC, FBS, Bio-Physical Profile, Congenital Anomaly Scan, etc. * Vitamin supplements * Do you smoke or drink alcohol? * Name of attending obstetrician and pediatrician

3. Know when to go to the hospital. As soon as you start having contractions, keep track of the intervals. You should go to to the hospital when: * The contractions are coming regularly every five minutes or so, lasting for 45 to 60 seconds * Your bag has ruptured. You'll know this has happened when you experience a leak or a gush of fluid. * You have a bloody discharge. * When you experience any of these, call your doctor immediately and go to the hospital.

4. Although there is no perfect position for labor, these reminders can help you manage the pain and discomfort which comes with it: * Change positions every 30 minutes to one hour, if possible. * Choose gravity-favoring positions such as standing and slow dancing, sitting on a chair or doing a cowboy sit, sitting on a ball, kneeling on your hands and knees, or squatting. * The worst is to be on your back for the duration of your labor.

5. When it comes to delivery, there are also positions which would help you manage this experience better: * As upright as possible so that gravity can assist you * Semi-sitting on the delivery table or a bean bag * Semi-sitting with foot rest * Lying on your side with one leg supported by your partner * The worst is to be lying down during delivery.

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