5 Things You Can Totally Get Away with Because You're Pregnant


There are other perks to being pregnant, aside from the rosy glow on your cheeks and the extra care people give you. You also get a free pass at a number of many things that if you weren't pregnant, would probably not work for you at all! Here are some of the things you're licensed to enjoy while you have your little bun in the oven. ID-100125902 1. Lie low. Stay in, hibernate, put on your lazy pants. No one is going to judge you for napping anytime, anywhere too. You can also skip the high maintenance grooming for now. If you can’t reach it, don’t shave it! A few months of the fuzzies won’t kill you. Skip the makeup too as it’s sure to clog your pores now that your hormones are acting up. Just keep clean and neat to feel fresh and cool. After all, nothing will beat that naturally rosy glow that comes from being chill and well rested.

2. Trip out. Oh wow, the mood swings, and the losing or forgetting things! The hormones flooding your body will throw a monkey wrench into your system, taking you on a crazy roller coaster ride. Everyone can help with keeping the following things handy: tissues for the weepies, any food you’re craving, water to drink, a sense of humor, and a second set of things you cannot afford to lose (keys, cards, sanity).

ID-10073547 3. Order the whole menu! Barring medical conditions, experience guilt-free weight gain and weird food cravings at weird times, guaranteed to drive others to insanity and jealousy! Keep to the healthy side of things though, and do gentle exercises.

4. Act like a VIP. Queues disappear, procedures are expedited, and crowds part like the Red Sea. Convenient parking slots are magically available in consideration of your delicate condition. You get offers for wheelchairs and people carry your things. Nobody will deny your right of way into the next available toilet stall either. Free passes into mall VIP lounges are such a relief when you need to sink into a nice chair and put up your swollen feet, away from the noisy hubbub. You also get to enjoy little extras from specialty stores and shops who are into spoiling preggy mommies.

5. Go comfy casual. Give up tight clothes, pinching shoes, and sky-high heels. Dressing for comfort is your new fashion statement. There are a lot of pretty, hassle-free maternity clothes available made of cotton or light, stretchy fabrics that you can just “throw on.” Your feet are also going to widen and your changing center of gravity will make you prone to tripping and falling. Have mercy on yourself and grab flats, sandals, open-toed slip-ons, and go short of actually being barefoot!

3687133b Actress and fashion designer Kristin Cavallari pairs a white tank with a geometric long skirt and a teeny tiny denim vest. Her slim thongs complete her day in the beach look.

Halle_Berry Actress Halle Berry goes for a loose maxi. Oh so comfy!

Spaghetti photo courtesy of Lavoview at freedigitalphotos.net Relaxed woman photo courtesy of marin at freedigitalphotos.net Kristin Cavallari and Halle Berry photos from www.instyle.co.ok