5 Ways To Know Your Little Girl is Growing Up Too Fast


All moms go through a stage in their lives when they see their daughters and can’t help but feel like they are extensions of themselves. This usually happens when they reach the age of 3 to 7 years old, when they start trying to be more grown-up, or when they try to act more and more like mommy. Moms become inclined to project their hopes and aspirations to their daughters because they are mini-me’s in their eyes! Whenever someone would compliment their daughter or when others would acknowledge that she shines above the rest, a surge of happiness flows through the mom’s heart. But what happens when moms begin to see their daughters slowly growing up ---- when they start having their own opinions, when they suggest what they want to wear, what to eat, or even how they want to look? Moms have mixed feelings when they reach this point. And the best thing to do is to celebrate these little milestones in their child’s life.

 So mommy, how do you know that your child’s growing up fast? Well, here are 5 things you might observe her doing:

1) She starts suggesting what she wants to wear

Your daughters are slowly beginning to have preferences on their clothes. They prefer to pick out their own clothes when you bring her to your favorite shopping place in the kids’ section of the department store instead of mommy picking out for her. They start having their preferences on what they wear --- some preferring to look kikay, sporty or others prefer to look just like mommy.

2) When you offer help but she prefers to do things on her own

As your daughter grows up, she’s going to want to do things alone and without assistance. Whether it’s her needing a book from the top shelf, unbuttoning her blouse, or her trying to tie her shoes, she would reject your help even despite her blatant struggling. Even if she is willing to do it on her own, try to give her a bit of assistance since she is not yet fully capable of doing things herself. For example, by placing a stool beneath her so she can reach the book that she wants.

In giving her a bit of space to do things her way, we celebrate her developmental milestones. Sure, there will be times that independence is a scary thing, but as a mom, you should keep in mind that the whole thing is actually an achievement, to your child and to you.

3) Your princess doesn’t cry on her first day of school anymore

Remember the time when you first brought your daughter to school. The moment you were saying goodbye, she probably grabbed hold of your leg, and clung on for her dear life! But now, when you bring your daughter to school, you may start to observe that she can successfully mingle with her classmates—you’re starting to see that social skills are becoming more and more developed as she grows up.

It’s maternal instinct for moms to feel that you do not need to watch over them in school, and all you can really do is to let her be, wait for dismissal time, pick her up, and hear the wonderful stories of the things she learned that day. 

4) Bedtime routines are becoming a bit different

You know they’re growing up when they’re starting to suggest what stories they want to hear from your when it’s time for bedtime story telling; when she tries to make herself a glass of milk instead of you doing it for her; or when they don’t need all of her stuffed toys on her bed to accompany her to sleep—instead she just picks one.

Try to observe these little things as you put her to sleep and try to marvel at how these things are actually signs that your little princess is starting to develop a sense of independence in the things that she is doing while, of course, being there for her because she still needs you.

5) When you’re looking for your make-up kit only to find her trying to put on make-up in your bathroom

Have you ever walked in on your little princess in the bathroom, and see her going through your stash of make-up? What about the uneven lipstick she applied on her lips? Have you seen her with your favorite eye shadow she mistook for blush? Or catch her with a powdery white face? Whatever it is, you know your little princess is growing up pretty quickly when you see her attempting to copy how you do your makeup. As much as you want to wipe-off the make up on her face and probably scold her for being too messy, you can’t help but be very proud that she is slowly turning into a not-so-little princess.


We have to admit, these little observations might be signs that she is growing up, but of course, you should never stop giving that special care she needs.

Even when your little girl is growing up fast, and wants to be how they want to be, they’ll always long for that special care you’ve always given them. As they grow older and more independent, they’ll need you to be there --- to support them every step of the way that they can only get from their moms. From you aiding them in making their own decisions, or teaching them how to take care of themselves --- you’ll always find yourself in the middle of it all, helping your princesses with what they need.

Likewise, you also give her the care that’s specially for them, especially now that her body is developing as well like her hair. Johnson’s Baby Active Kids™ Shiny Drops Shampoo™ is best suited for this stage. It has ingredients that will take care of your growing princess’ crowning glory! It has argan oil that boosts your daughter’s hair’s natural shine -- so she can shine like a princess. What’s more, Shiny Drops is mild and safe specially made for kids because of its No More Tears ™ formula. You can keep baby-ing your adorable little princess without holding them back from growing up.

It’s what every mother wants for her child. Give your darling princess what she deserves and support her little milestones. And remember that it’s with the special care you give that they learn how to grow beautifully, inside and out.


Written by RJ Dancel.


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