6 Must-Have Apps for Expecting and New Moms

Motherhood, especially for first time moms, can be quite a chaotic time. You’re busy monitoring your pregnancy and getting your lives ready for baby. And after giving birth, the list of things to do just gets longer and longer. There’s feeding, burping, sleeping, doctor’s appointments, and much more to think about. 

Thankfully these days, it seems like there’s an app for everything! To help stay organized and on top of your motherhood journey, why not make life more manageable with pregnancy and baby apps that can benefit you and your little one? 

Here’s a list of six new mom-approved free apps this 2018:

1. What To Expect

Get access to your personalized pregnancy tracker. You can store your due date, a countdown to your due date, baby’s gestational age, and something you can compare your baby’s size to, like a peach or a squash. 

It’s also packed with information like health tips, pregnancy news, community forums, and weekly videos from the popular reference book What To Expect When You’re Expecting by Heidi Murkoff. 


2. Glow Nurture

Another pregnancy-tracking app is Nurture by Glow. You can take photos of your bump daily that the app turns into a time lapse video, and you can take notes about your pregnancy. The more you use it, the more insights and feedback you get from the app. It also offers a community forum where you can share thoughts and advice from other parents. 


3. Baby Care

We chanced upon this app from breastfeeding moms who wanted to keep track of the big and small details about their babies. It helps keep track of baby’s feeds, with details on how many minutes you’ve nursed on each breast. You can also monitor baby sleeps, poops and pees, and everything in between. We like that Baby Care supports multiple babies. That’s useful if you have more than one child.


4. Sleepy Sounds

This sleep-inducing app could be your best friend during rough days and nights. It plays white noise, lullabies, and nature sounds that help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep. Sleepy Sounds also has calming animation with a soft glow that could even send mommy to dreamland. 


5. Baby Story Photo Editor

Make photos for your pregnancy and baby milestones. This app has many stickers to help make your photo one to remember. 


6. Invitation Maker 

Moms are perfectionists when it comes to making invites. With this app, all you need is your phone, background effects, filters, design elements, fun fonts, and voila, you create magic. You can use the Invitation Maker app for making baby shower, birthday, baptism, and playdate invites. 

These apps can go a long way for new moms who are figuring out all things mom and baby. While we appreciate the help of technology, let’s keep in mind that in the end, your decision is still best for your baby, and your best support group is still your family and friends. Apps are just there to record our parenting journey and make it as memorable as possible. Savor each moment with your newborn!