6 Ways to Care for Your Skin


It is our first layer of protection against everyday elements, but how often do we consciously give our skin some tender loving care? Fortunate is the mom who mindfully keeps to a morning and evening skin care routine. However, there are other ways by which we can care for our skin. 1 QUIT YOUR CIGS. Putting an end to your smoking habit is probably one of the best things you can do for your skin. Here's what smoking does to your skin: It thins out the tiny blood vessels on the outermost layers of your skin, decreasing your skin's supply of oxygen and nutrients. It also wreaks havoc on your collagen and elastic, endangering your skin's strength and elasticity. And yes, smoking will only make you look older as you damage your skin with every puff. (1)

2 SHY AWAY FROM THE SUN. We can never overemphasize the absolute necessity of protecting yourself from the harsh rays of the sun. Too much sun can cause damage on your skin from freckles and discolorations to age spots and wrinkles. Unless you absolutely have to go out, it is advisable to stay indoors from 10AM to 2PM when the sun's rays are at their harshest. Always use sunscreen, opting for an SPF of at least 30 and applying it liberally. Wearing protective clothing and accessories, specially when you're going to spend the day outdoors, would be of much help as well. (1)

3 AVOID STRESS. Have you noticed how your skin gets all kind of crazy when you're trying to beat a tight work deadline, for example, or when you're planning for your child's birthday party. That's because runaway stress can trigger acne breakouts and skin problems. So unless you want to give the most important presentation of your career with a big zit on your nose, calm down and relax. Breathe. Break down a large project into small, doable tasks. Every so often, take a break. You'd be doing yourself and your skin a big favor!

4 HYDRATE! Most of us don't drink nearly enough water. Some only drink water when they're thirsty. Unfortunately, by that time, they're already partially dehydrated. Drinking water is essential for our overall health and well-being. Drinking water is particularly important for our skin. Bacteria and fungus may easily lodge themselves in between the tiny gaps found on dry skin. Not good! (2) Apart from drinking the necessary amount of fluids every day, you might also want to hydrate your skin with lotion and moisturizing cream.

5 EAT HEALTHY. Steering clear of processed food and refined carbohydrates will do wonders for your skin, helping it achieve a youthful glow. It's also good to include lots of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grain in your diet. 6 BE GENTLE. Last but not least, always treat your skin with kid gloves. Don't over-scrub. Don't over-shave. Don't over-wash. While you want your skin to be spiffy clean, too much scrubbing, shaving, and washing may deplete your skin's natural oils and cause irritation. More importantly, opt for natural skin care products that are gentle on skin. Take Bio-Oil. One of the world’s most award winning products, Bio-Oil contains vitamins A and E alongside a cocktail of plant extracts, from calendula and lavender to rosemary and chamomile. More importantly, it has PurCellin OilTM, which reduces the thickness of the formulation, making it light, non-greasy, and easier for the skin to absorb. Not only does Bio-Oil have amazing moisturizing properties, it can also improve the appearance of stretch marks and scars.(3) This is definitely a great bonus for moms who want to give their skin some tender loving care.


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