A Call for More OT! That’s Oreo Time!


http://www.flickr.com/photos/hypermom/9180139436/ How often have you favored overtime over family time? How often have you missed special milestones in your children’s lives because you had to log in more hours at work in order to meet your deadline?

Your answer can be very telling.

Figures from the Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics (BLES) reveal that the average Filipino worker logs in some 48 to 64 hours of overtime per week. While this translates to more money, it takes precious time away from the family—something which may not be very good for children’s overall health and emotional development.


It is with this thought that Oreo aims to change the concept of overtime into Oreo Time!

Oreo Philippines Brand Manager Hernando Betita explains, “Oreo Time is a moment of fun, togetherness, and child-like delight that you spend with your loved ones. That’s why Oreo, as the favorite bonding cookie of families, has taken it upon itself to encourage families to do OT or Oreo Time more often and in many more ways.”


Instead of logging in for OT at work, parents are asked to make Oreo Time-Ins at OreoTime.com. Oreo’s goal is to collect one million Oreo Time-Ins to encourage families to spend time together, making their bond ever stronger. Families may also share photos, videos, or status messages of their family bonding activities through their favored social media platform to add to the one million time-in target. Exciting rewards will be given to families that have reached specific Oreo Time milestones.

The campaign was launched with a fun-filled celebration at the Blue Leaf Events Pavilion hosted by celebrity mom Lyn Ching-Pascual. In true Oreo Time fashion, she brought along her daughter Gabby who enjoyed the festivities featuring high-energy dance group The Hyper Kids and family acrobat troupe, Far East Acrobats.

Want to start timing in? Go to OreoTime.com for more information.

Photos from Oreo