A Flavorful Brunch


Our family loves going to buffets, my three sons most especially. Because my boys are in their teen years, they could pretty much chow down anything and everything brought before them at the dinner table, including kilos and kilos of crabs and shrimps. Invited to try the Sunday Brunch at Holiday Inn & Suites Makati, I brought my youngest son along; he was the only one who could make it. As all moms know, teenagers have very busy lives. It was just too bad because my two other boys would have enjoyed it as well!


Going through the buffet offerings at Flavors Restaurant, I felt like I was spending Sunday at my mom’s. The dishes were simple but deliciously prepared, just the way my mom would make them. The lengua was buttery soft and extra juicy. There was a flavorful stir-fried beef with the veggies still crisp to the bite as well as some sautéed baby squid with just the right amount of spice. Such Filipino favorites were served alongside a selection of sushi, sashimi, and salad, all sorts of pasta, trays and trays of dessert, and a humongous rack of T-Bone.



The kids have their own corner—and cute tableware and utensils—filled with macaroni and cheese, cauliflower gratin, and chicken kebabs. Many grownups found themselves having a taste of the kiddie fare as well.



Apart from the steak and the lengua, I enjoyed the setup on the fifth floor where I was able to engage my son in game after game of Wii. We drew swords, played a round of golf, and knocked out pins at the bowling alley. It was precious time that I was only too grateful to spend with him.—Jing Lejano

For more information, log on to www.holidayinn.com/makati or call 909-0888.