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Developed by a group of friends and parents in July 2012, Jakenpoy.com is the latest innovation in Philippine education. As a fun and free educational gaming center for students all over the nation, Jakenpoy.com is designed to provide free edu-tainment for students—allowing teachers and parents to reinforce school lessons in a fun and casual setting. In addition to being an educational gaming center for kids, Jakenpoy.com recently developed a reviewer making application for parents and educators called Yellow Pad. With Yellow Pad, parents and teachers can make reviewers for their kids to answer in their kids’ Jakenpoy.com accounts.

JAKENPOY.COM: A fun new way for kids to review their lessons through engaging video games!



Jakenpoy.com is a free educational gaming center where kids can review their lessons while playing fun and engaging video games. Using educational material based on the official Department of Education curriculum, the games on Jakenpoy.com can be customized by teachers so that their kids answer questions relevant to what is being taught in the classroom.

Students and kids are welcome to create their own free Jakenpoy.com account by simply registering. Once they create an account, kids will be able to play all the games. Jakenpoy.com has a wide variety of games, from arcade to sports and game show-style video games. Kids can also join special game competitions and win cool prizes.

Just last November, Jakenpoy.com, in partnership with Smart, launched the Smart Build More game competition. This game competition was an inter-class competition among all Jakenpoy.com partner schools, where each class had their own building with the goal to make it the tallest. To earn bricks for their class’ building, students had to answer Math questions. Each student who answered their questions correctly helped contribute to the height of the virtual building constructed by their class. In the end, the winning section from St. Scholastica Academy of Marikina was awarded with SmartBro Starter Plug-Its for each student in the class, along with their respective advisor and Math teacher.

While any student or child can access Jakenpoy.com to play its educational games and join game competitions, students of Jakenpoy.com partner schools have the greatest experience. This is because Jakenpoy.com empowers partner schoolteachers with the ability to select the topics of the questions that their students would be answering in the video games. By creating a large database of questions based on the official curriculum of the Department of Education, Jakenpoy.com has been able to provide teachers with supplementary material for their lessons.

Partner schoolteachers can maximize Jakenpoy.com by frequently customizing the questions that their students would be answering, to match their lessons in the classroom. Best of all, it is 100% free for schools to partner with Jakenpoy.com, so it is possible for all teachers to gain access to Jakenpoy.com’s database!

YELLOW PAD: Making reviewers fun for parents, teachers and kids!



With its unique reviewer making application, Jakenpoy.com does not only benefit kids, but also parents. Just this past January, Jakenpoy.com launched Yellow Pad, a free online reviewer-maker application for parents and educators. With Yellow Pad, parents can create reviewers and assign them to their kids for them to answer using their Jakenpoy.com accounts. They can make reviewers from scratch, meaning they’ll write their own questions, or they can pick from a library of ready-made reviewers. Currently, Yellow Pad’s library holds over 1,800 reviewers, covering the major subjects: Math, English, Filipino, Science and Araling Panlipunan.

After kids answer the reviewers with their Jakenpoy.com account, parents and educators will receive performance reports via email so they know exactly how well their child did. They will see which questions their child answered correct and incorrectly, which will help them understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Yellow Pad gives parents and educators the option to print their reviewers into worksheets. The reviewer they created or picked would be formatted and organized into an appropriate worksheet, which they can have their kids answer by hand. They may also print an optional answer key for easy checking and correcting!

Yellow Pad is also a Facebook Application, soon to be followed by a mobile app, which parents and educators can access from anywhere! Parents can make reviewers on the go, whether they are at the office or away from home. They can assign reviewers to their kids and have them answer their reviewers when they get home from school. As soon as they finish, parents will receive emails and automatic updates so they can see their child’s performance reports wherever they may be. When parents reach home, they can go over their reviewers with their child while sharing a bonding moment with them. It’s a useful tool both parent and child can appreciate!

To use Yellow Pad, just search “Yellow Pad” in your Facebook Search bar and click on the Yellow Pad Application. You may also visit Yellow Pad at facebook.com/YellowPadPH to learn more about Yellow Pad and find out why making reviewers has never been easier and more fun!

Currently, Jakenpoy.com has over 12,000 users across more than 90 partner schools in Luzon, Cebu and Davao. With more schools, students and parents registering in both Jakenpoy.com and Yellow Pad, and technology becoming more prevalent in the country and all over the world, Jakenpoy.com aims to be the leading productive edu-tainment alternative for screen-agers all over the Philippines.

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