Adventure is Out There


The power of adventure is indescribable. Through exploring, our children learn life skills that open their eyes to larger perspectives. These are even more powerful when they’re shared with us parents. When the family experiences new things together, it lays the foundations for deep memories and irreplaceable bonds.

The Flying Vs

My family loves to travel. And we will always have a special place in our hearts for Japan. We look forward to relaxed bonding times together, and we also go our own ways to explore our own favorites.

Coby goes to Orange Street for the street wear, Zach to Dendentown for the games, Gary visits the sports shops, and Reese and I hoard on stationary, pens, and novelties.

Last October, we surprised Reese by making her think we were going to Hongkong. Reese is a Harry Potter Fan and her dream is to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios, Japan. She thought she’d get her chance in December, but little did she know that she was going sooner than that. Midway, she found out that we were making her wish come true. Her reaction was priceless and the whole trip is something we will always treasure as a family.


We loved Japan so much that we decided to celebrate Christmas in Osaka! This time with my sister, Jaymie, and her kids. Travelling with extended family was quite a thrill. The cousins were happy to be together in Osaka, walking around, seeing the sites, eating everything, and shopping. One of the highlights of the trip was going to Universal Studios Japan and having a blast. The trip was one for the books!


There’s Adventure Everywhere

You don’t have to go out of the country to have an adventure. You can get your daily dose just by being around each other. It could be going out with the whole family to watch a movie or a try a new restaurant. You can also stay at home and enjoy a board game together. The possibilities are endless!

As a mom, I like helping my kids discover their passion by finding activities that trigger a sparkle in their eyes. That’s when the magic happens! I then affirm and encourage them so that they gain the confidence to keep exploring.

For Reese, it’s starting a business, and even the small things like trying a new dish and tasting new flavors. For my boys, it’s trying new activities in school. Zach is into floorball and circuit training. Coby is adventurous in terms of his interest in fashion. And for me, it’s always trying to learn something new, usually related to my passion, which is my business.  I like taking courses that help me get better in my craft and inspire my creativity.

Encouraging kids to try something new

It's only natural for them to feel wary about trying something new. We shouldn’t get frustrated if our child doesn’t want to try new things immediately. Don’t fret. It doesn’t mean your child isn’t brave, it just shows that he or she is learning to cope with new emotions, even the uncomfortable ones.

You know them best, and sometimes a little push is not a bad idea. My kids are all headstrong about what they want and don’t want. Sometimes I really encourage them to try new things by giving it at least 3 tries before quitting. When Reese started learning sketching, she wanted to quit halfway. I responded with encouragement, and her progress now just makes me proud.

While I push, I see how far they can go. I try to be sensitive to their inclinations. Zach is a crafter so he has taken less conventional classes like leather-making, polymer clay making, and even photoshop classes.

When it comes to food, Coby and Zach will eat almost anything. Gary and Reese are a bit more creatures of habit. So with Reese, I keep reminder her to “never say never” in trying new flavors. I also shared the story of Cat In The Hat who makes Sam-I-Am try green eggs and ham.


Trying something new is more fun when you do it as a family. Facing new experiences together provide our kids with a dose of bravery, encouragement, and comfort!


One of the interesting experiences I’ve had was trying to get my kids to enjoy fruits. My kids aren’t adventurous with fruits. But since they love challenges, I challenged them to try something new every weekend, and in this case, it was fruits. It helped that they had a source of comfort with them throughout each new fruit they tried. My kids like Motts 100% Original Apple Juice, so I always gave them a glass of Motts while they ate fruit. Just so they know they can chug something down whether they like the fruit or not. That definitely made things fun!



Start Them Strong

Teaching our kids the thrill of adventure helps them develop determination, perseverance, and a huge sense of achievement. Our kids need adventure in their lives and the best time to start is now!By taking on new things together, no matter how big or small, we help them develop attitudes they need to succeed in the modern world. They realize that risks and uncertainties are a part of everyday living. Who doesn’t want resilient, confident, and independent children? There is no one better to model this to them than us parents.