An Afternoon of Rest and Relaxation for Moms


Mothers are always in a constant search for balance. They want to balance their time between work and home. They need to balance their budget to ensure that all needs are met, with some savings set aside. They have to balance their energy and resources so that they can fulfill all their roles and responsibilities not only as a mother but as a wife, daughter, and sister, among many others. The Sun Life Mom's Day Out thus comes at a most appropriate time. A series of relaxing workshops set amidst I'M Hotel Onsen Spa, the Sun Life Mom's Day Out featured talks on caring for one's self and securing a bright future for their children. It also pampered the participating moms with a relaxing massage and a buffet dinner.

Ichel Alignay, registered psychologist, author, and mom of two, started off the afternoon by encouraging moms to reevaluate their thoughts on how they can achieve balance in their everyday lives. Moms always need to re-balance their lives because of disruptions caused by changes, challenges, and children.

Oftentimes, moms find themselves in a quandary as to what they want, what they think they ought to do, and what they can actually do, she says. In reality, moms can also do so much, and that's perfectly okay!

Ichel says, “You have to be loving to yourself. Our favorite emotion is guilt. We need to let that go. We have to be easy on ourselves.”

This is why caring for one's self is very important for moms to rebalance themselves. Getting enough sleep and rest, eating properly, and doing physical exercise are basic self-care activities which moms sometimes forget to do for themselves.

For her part, Mylene Segismundo, Sun Life Cluster Head, advised moms to start thinking of building an educational fund for their children at the soonest possible date. This would save them from stress and worry when the time comes for their kids to go to college.

The reality is that college fees are on the rise, says Mylene. When building an educational fund for your children, there are three factors for moms to consider: time, money, and interest. Moms should start as early as they can, save as much as they can, and find an instrument offering excellent returns. She adds, “You have to make your money earn more money to keep up with the rising cost of education.”

A good option is the Sun MaxiLink Prime as it may build funds for your child's education, a comfortable retirement, or an important life milestone. Plus, in case of an emergency, the money comes in handy via a partial fund withdrawal.

After the talks, the moms were given massage treatments at the Onsen Spa of I'M Hotel, which was followed by a sumptuous buffet dinner. It was certainly a relaxing afternoon, which was followed by a beautiful night of good food and fine conversation among kindred spirits.

Sun Life Cluster Head Mylene Segismundo advising moms to start building their children's educational fund at the soonest possible time

Registered psychologist Ichel Alignay encouraged moms not to forget to take care of themselves.

Mommy influencers joined the Sun Life Mom's Day Out