Awesome Baby Beddings


When Jinky and Lawrence Boringot had their first baby, they saw how happy she was in the midst of fine linen. Jinky says, “We noticed how our daughter seems to sleep comfortably on our bed with the luxury beddings we bought before, like the ones you see in hotels. We also noticed how her grandmothers put white cloth or lampin on her comforters to make sure no ants or small insects will go to our baby.” Jinky and Lawrence launched a search for hotel-quality luxury comforters and pillowcases for babies. Going from one mall to another, however, left them empty-handed.

"That’s when my husband and I decided to make one for our baby," says Jinky.

Lawrence thought of using the first syllables of his daughter's name, Zylie, and his wife's, Jinky, to come up with the name Zyji.

Zyji is an online baby shop specializing in modern, practical, and stylish cotton beddings, pillows, comforters, stroller pads, and flat cloth diapers that are safe for babies.


As it turns out, there were many other parents looking for good quality linens for their babies, and Zyji was welcomed by the market with open arms.

"We were so surprised on our first baby fair because we were almost sold out! Our clients told us how they really like our grown-up designs – simple patterns with no cartoon characters," says Jinky.

What separates Zyji from other brands is that Jinky and Lawrence only make linens that they'd want to buy for their baby or for themselves. Zyji's All-White Luxury Collection Bedding Set, for example, is made from high quality cotton usually seen in five star hotels. Its Universal Stroller Pad has a slide-fit design allowing instant installation of the pad.


This is not to say that they did not encounter challenges while setting up Zyji. The couple ran another business, and they had to balance their time and capital between the two. This is above the fact that they had a new baby which required their care and attention. Looking for a skilled seamstress also proved to be a struggle.

"It's a good thing that we found one who was willing to experiment with us in terms of designs and materials we like,” she says.

Jinky and Lawrence both have a hand on design. But when they come to a disagreement, they have an interesting rule. Jinky explains, “We came up with the “no veto” rule when it comes to designing our products. One cannot say no to one’s design/style even he/she really doesn’t like it. So in 10 fabric designs, we get to have our two designs each with no objections from the other.”

While its very first product, the All-White Luxury Bedding Collection, remains Zyji's bestseller, there are a number of other products in development. Some to be launched soon; others still on the drawing board. What's important is that Zyji is on the right track as far as the couple's short term plan for the brand is concerned, which is to develop practical and innovative baby products for modern parents. Eventually, it is the hope of Jinky and Lawrence for Zyji to become a global brand, delighting moms and babies the world over.

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