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Motherhood is one of the most wonderful things on earth but at the same time it could also be overwhelming. That’s why the fab five moms of the South forming Baby Barangay, believe that all moms need a support group, a safe place to go to when the going gets tough, when they need to just breathe or when there are some things they just can’t share with their husbands and only fellow mommas could understand. For them, Baby Barangay is place to be as raw and real as they could get, to rejoice and be happy with each other’s victories and even air out their challenges in motherhood, parenting, and marriage.


The Baby Barangay recalls how special Expo Mom is for them and how it helped make motherhood a bit easier.  Bianca Santiago-Reinoso , Cat Juan Ledesma, Nicole Hernandez de los Angeles, Patty Laurel-Filart, and Kelly Misa-Fernandez tell their stories about friendship, motherhood, what they would like to Pass On, and what they love about Expo Mom.  Collectively, these mommas heavily support Expo Mom South and encourage moms of all stages and even dads to come and experience the same joy and relief they felt with their product and brand discoveries, shopping finds and the community they belong to and firmly believe in. 

The Moms Behind Baby Barangay And Their #PassItOn Stories:


Bianca Santiago-Reinoso, a mom of two, a freelance fashion stylist, and a full time mom is a natural giver.  She loves to share and care for others that she sometimes forget to do that for herself. When motherhood came plus other life experiences piled up and hit rock bottom when she lost her mom and recently her grandmother, that’s when she realized that she needs to also love and take care of herself the way she gives others.  

“What I want to pass on to my fellow moms is idea of loving oneself, I learned it the hard way.  I have two wonderful kids, they’re blessings, they make me happy, but I believe if I am whole and if I am happy and I love myself, I'd be able to love them more, much more than what I am giving now. especially also to my husband.  Realize that you have to love yourself also, you have to find ways to make yourself happy constantly, so when the going gets tough it’s easy for you to get back at it and have those little moments within the day, pockets of happiness that can pull you back in just to keep you going and make you that superwoman, that super MOM your children call you, that super wife your husband needs as well.”

What draws people to Bianca is her authenticity which is seen in all her social media posts.  She inspires and encourages moms and tells her followers that it's okay to rest. It's ok to say no.  It's okay to say you’re tired. Behind every styled or filtered photo, are genuine words of motherhood realness and this is because she wants to let everyone know that she’s just like any other moms.

Like any other mothers, Bianca wants her kids to develop courage and self confidence and be ready to face the real world.  She believes that once they are out of the door, it’s going to be a test of their character. When life gets tough and hard, she wants her kids to remember “they have their family, they have me.”

Anyone who knows Bianca knows how she has a keen eye to details making her a meticulous mom.  While she thought she’s completed all her kids’ stuff, when she enters Expo Mom, she always end up buying amazing products she never thought she’s need.  She’s also happy that everything that her kids have and use right now are all available in every Expo Mom event.  

”Expo Mom is practically the first in the Philippines, honestly it has the widest range of selection for mommy and baby needs.  everything is complete ,there, all the brands you need it's huge and community is great!”


Kelly Misa-Fernandez, is a mom of a toddler.  She is a model, a TV host, a blogger, a vlogger, and she always exudes happiness.  She shares how important integrity and true friendship are. These are the things that she would like to pass on to many other moms.  She stresses that it’s what Baby Barangay is all about. These days, moms get too caught up with their daily chores and doing so much for others, that she forgets to tend to herself and her own needs.  Hence, moms unknowingly get disconnected with others making it hard to cultivate friendships. Kelly is glad to recognize this mom struggle and she’s glad that she has found her core group with Baby Barangay.  “I think every mom should have that, should have that positive reinforcement and support group.”

For her son, she’d like to pass on the sense of right and wrong, to have a moral compass and fight for what's good. It’s for this reason that Kelly raises her standards for herself and makes sure that she’s sets a good example.  She shares, “Actions speak louder than words.  Every time I make a decision I think of that.  I think of whether or not I will be a good role model to my son and I think it has worked significantly because I know that whenever I do, whatever actions I take, it will really affect my son.”

She believes one right decision she’s made is trusting Expo Mom to become her ally in picking the quality products she uses for her son. “What I love about Expo Mom is that I get to discover so many amazing brands especially local brands that I would not normally know of or find out about if Expo Mom wasn’t there.  I love that there's a venue for it that I could actually go to and just learn about these brands. it's helped me significantly. because apart from finding out the best prices for let's say laundry detergent or a very gentle soap for my son, it's finding things that are effective, that are locally-made and are really well-priced.  I'm glad that i have that.”

She also appreciates that Expo Mom now has a Dad lounge where the men could hang out as well as a play area for kids. 

“So moms like myself could shop freely without having to think of the family whether or not they actually are okay. It's a big load off because moms can shop in peace and I really appreciate that.”


Cat Juan-Ledesma, a mom of 2, is also a beauty editor and lifestyle blogger.  She’s admirable for her full support to and love for local brands.  Together with some friends, they started a group called, where they just promote all local discoveries, finds, and brands.  This is what she’s strongly advocating for. “By supporting local, you're actually helping the country and you're actually helping a lot of fellow moms as well.”

Cat is generous in giving love to others and pursuing her passions.  This is what she’d also like to pass on to her kids, “What I'd like to pass on to my kids, is the importance of finding what you love and sharing it to others.  I think it's one of the best lessons that you can give someone, to know that a fulfilling life comes from actually passing it on.  And I love that message and I really think it’s what every kid should know.”

Speaking of finding what she loves, one of which is Expo Mom. 

“When I first had my son, I found it to be very daunting, and there were so many things out there that I didn't know I needed or I wanted..  I'm so happy I found Expo Mom, because, through it, I was able to get a clear picture of the things needed for raising children. I was able to find an awesome baby carrier, stroller, tons of great and safe baby products, great resource to have expo mom around to help.  what I also love about expo mom is the community it’s such a group of supportive moms and mompreneurs who come together and actually help each other. and through working together there's a bigger success.”


Patty Laurel-Filart, is a happy mom of two, a model and a host.  She is always beaming with joy wherever she goes and whoever she talks to.  She always seem to find the positive out of anything. This is what she also wants to pass on to others.  “I'd personally love to pass on a good sense of humor.  I realized that a lot of problems can be solved if you have a good laugh about it.”   

Patty also has a good personal relationship with God and for her this is what she’d like her children to have as well.  “The one that I would love to pass on (to my children) is the love for Jesus.  I think that it would really dictate how they see the world when they understand God's love in their own lives.”

She shared that since the Baby Barangay have been travelling a lot together with their families, a good stroller is what made moving from one place to another a breeze.  She shared that she found Baby Zen Yoyo in one of the Expo Moms she went to and she highly recommends it. The stroller is just one of the many great finds she discovered from Expo Mom and she’s also happy to be part of the Mommy Mundo Community. 

“I love that Expo Mom really brings all these young entrepreneurs together and that you're able to find a really good community of moms and mompreneurs.”


Nicole Hernandez de los Angeles is a mom of two boys.  Her beautiful face which graces many ads or magazine covers comes with a kind heart.  This is the same value that she wishes to pass on to fellow moms, and friends, “To always remember to have a good heart.  Be compassionate. Be kind. Be generous. Because those things goes a long way.  It could help a lot of people that you're not even aware of that you're helping. somebody could have a bad day and because you're compassionate enough or generous with your time by just being there for that person, it could totally change that person's life, day, attitude, it could be a ripple effect.”  She adds that by being kind to another person is her small way of  making the world a better place not only for her kids, but for everybody.   

This is the reason why she also wants her kids to grow up to be genuinely good people.  “What I want to pass on to my kids is that they will always remember to be good, to be kind, to be generous, and to be fair. I think by instilling that in them, they can actually help change the world.”

She shares that coming to an Expo Mom also changed her mom world because it has a lot of new products for new moms and moms with young babies.  “I especially like the cleaning, feeding and nursing products, apparel, and the carriers  Babywearing was a big find for me and for other friends that I could recommend to try as well.”

I love Expo Mom because it's an event a venue that provides an opportunity for new moms, and moms who have more kids down the line, to explore and discover new products in the market.  It helps make mommying easier. And it's not only (present) in Manila, it's actually nationwide and they have 9 of these events that happen within the year, so you're not gonna miss out on Expo Mom.”


Expo Mom continues to help the moms behind Baby Barangay make their motherhood journey a bit easier with brand and product discoveries which they said they wouldn’t know about if not for Expo Mom.  Expect the same from over 250 brands and items joining the event and feel that the whole family is welcome when you come to an Expo Mom!  

Just like all the awesome experiences of these five moms of Baby Barangay, we invite you to come to the Expo Mom South this June 29 to 30 at Alabang Town Center. There is always something new to see, products to try, and talks and workshops that you can learn from. Mompreneurs and brands that are part of Expo Mom are always ready to give a hand, to help you decide exactly what you and your family deserves! Enjoy over 20 on-site promos and discounts only available at Expo Mom. Before leaving the venue, make sure to have your photo takeb on our Pass It On Mom photo wall for a chance to win an exciting prize from our generous partner UV Care!

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*Photos shot by Sheila Catilo on location at Indy Ycasiano’s ( She Dreams In Ink) HQ in Alabang (venue is open for events and workshops) and Make Up by Shiseido Philippines

How about you? What are you passing on, MOM?