Be a More Mindful Mom in 2016!


We'd all like to be more mindful moms, to be purposeful in our thoughts, words, and actions so that we may achieve our goals both for ourselves and our families with grace and aplomb. But every day, we are faced with numerous concerns and challenges which may distract or dissuade us from our purpose. A particularly cranky child, a misunderstanding between friends, a crazy workload—all these can create a wrinkle in our everyday lives. Smoothening out those wrinkles may be done with ease if we are to follow some mindful mommy moves. As shared by fellow moms in Mommy Mundo's Mom 24/7 2016 Planner, these moves would help make your life more fulfilling and fun in 2016!

Mindful Mommy Move #1: Be totally present for your family.

How often have we been at home with our children while not “being there” with them? How often have we let our thoughts be distracted by a hundred and one things as our kids try to engage us, showing us their latest artwork or coaxing us to play with them?

We've all been guilty of not being present for our family.

monica Monica Eleazar-Manzano

Monica Eleazar-Manzano, one of the moms behind Flow Retreats, says, “Mindful motherhood is learning how to live in the present moment with your children. Drop everything and really be with them.”

“Knowing that my kids are 100% mine and need or want to be with me only during these fleeting childhood years comes a realization to cherish and make the most of each opportunity I have to be present in their lves. All else become less important,” adds Ives Lim Esteban, mompreneur behind Halo Philippines.

cat Cat Juan Ledesma

Blogger Cat Juan Ledesma says being mindful is about “understanding that you don't have to always be reachable to the rest of the world, especially when you're spending time with the people you love the most.” This means that social media would have to wait while you bond with your spouse and little ones.

say Say Alonzo

Say Alonzo, host, singer, and actress, gives great advice: “A simple way to be more mindful as a mom: watch less TV, focus more on your cutie pies.”

chal Chal Lontoc-del Rosario

Chal Lontoc-del Rosario, host and mompreneur, shares: “I have little dates with my eldest son and listen to his ideas and stories. When I get home early, I read stories to both my boys at night. I also consciously create little moments where we can travel and bond together and just be mindful of the now.”

TIP: When was the last time that you took your kids out on a picnic? Visualize and write down where you would go and what you would do on that beautiful sunny day outdoors.

Mindful Mommy Move #2: Make time for yourself.

paola Paola Loot

This is often the hardest resolution to keep as most moms always put the needs of others before theirs. Making time for me-time is of utmost importance. Paola Loot, mompreneur behind Mommy Treats, says, “As a mom, wife, and mompreneur, I've grown accustomed to giving myself to others. That's why my me-time has become a top priority. It's my way of regaining what I've given; to fill up my love tanks so that my short moment of selfishness will help fuel my life of selflessness.”

Ruth Floresca, mommy blogger agrees. She says, “Never say you're too busy to unwind. Schedule me-time away from hubby and the kids to clear your mind and de-stress. You are not being selfish. You are just recharging your batteries so you'll be able to better respond to new challenges and make wiser decisions. A loving mom not only knows how to take good care of her family; she is also wise enough to acknowledge that she has to nurture herself too.”

rhea Rhea Santos-de Guzman

Rhea Santos-de Guzman, host and mompreneur, adds, “Be mindful of your needs as a woman first before you can be a wife and mom. Fill your cup with self-care and love (and good coffee) so you will have the energy to give more to what's truly important to you, family. It is what's within that radiates to others.”

“Me-time doesn't have to be a contrived nor lengthy event,” says Mommy Mundo Founder Janice Crisostomo Villanueva. “Even amidst a busy day, I find that it is about a conscious bringing in of things that bring me joy. A favorite drink, song, or scent? Opening my senses to enjoy these even in the simplest ways is usually enough to get reconnected with myself.”

TIP: When was the last time you went out with your girlfriends? What did you do? Say hello to one of them today!

Mindful Mommy Move #3: Accept the truth that you can't be everything, and do everything.

Moms rarely ask for help. Some think that it is their duty and responsibility to do everything. Some simply want to do things their way, and are afraid that delegating tasks to others might bring forth disastrous results.

Host Cathy Eigenmann hits the nail on the head when she says: “All mothers are supermoms, but even the best superheroes need a sidekick.”

Audrey Dimarucot, mompreneur behind Googoo and Gaga Clothing, says, “I have come to accept that, even with the mightiest of goals and intentions, I have limitations.”

It is perfectly okay to ask for help. Not only would you be teaching other members of your household to be more responsible, you'd also be freeing your time to go after important pursuits.

denise Denise Gonzales-Bernardo

When snafus happen, as they naturally do, don't fret. Denise Gonzales-Bernardo, one of the mompreneurs behind Indigo Baby, says, “Be forgiving to yourself, mistakes are our best friends.”

TIP: What kind of a mother do you want to be? What have you done today to be that kind of mom?

Mindful Mommy Move #4: Stop doing. Start being.

Most moms just go through their days finishing one task after another, never leaving a moment of silence for themselves. This is far from ideal. Counselor and author Michele Alignay says, “Motherhood can actually whisk us out of our essence with unending things to attend to. I believe we should snap ourselves out of the doing mode and be at the being mode. Giving that time to be is like getting a dose of self-care to renew myself.”

rica Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio

It is important to take pause and look at the big picture. As blogger and 100% Whole Mom co-founder Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio says, “Mindful motherhood happens when we discipline ourselves not only to accomplish the tasks at hand, but also to pause and reflect. We cannot keep on going without assessing, as well as enjoying.”

TIP: Look at your hands. Look at your fingers. Look closely at your amazing fingerprints that are unique to yourself. Try to draw them. Write your feelings or thoughts on this action here.

Mindful Mommy Move #5: Let your kids be kids.

Last but not least, let us always remember that kids are going to be kids, no matter how many rules and guidelines you set. They'll be playful, disruptive, adorable, annoying, funny, and temperamental. They're still testing the waters, discovering their likes and dislikes, talents and weaknesses so they love to experiment. Make room for that in your lives.

Candice Cu-Yaw, mompreneur behind Mommy Matters, says, “When my child does something that challenges my patience, I try to think of him, more than how his action affected me. Thinking of my child more than myself at that moment allows me to communicate better with him and in the end, I get less stressed and less wrinkles too!”

Marilen Montenegro, interior stylist and one of the founders of 100% Whole Mom, says, “As mothers, we can easily forget that our children are kids. I have to be mindful of their childhood and allow them to enjoy even if it means making a mess at time.”

TIP: Crawl on all fours, and look at the world through your child's eyes. You'll be amazed at your discoveries.

Main image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid at Photos of Monica and Denise from Mommy Matters.