#RealMomReview: Bébéar Mesh Hip Seat Carrier


Babywearing has allowed today's moms and dads to meet the many demands of their everyday lives, from working and running errands to traveling and exploring new places. Babywearing has so many benefits that parents need not be tied down at home to take care of their little ones. In this series, Mommy Mundo asks real moms (and dads) to share their experience of a particular product or service to give you useful consumer insights. This #RealMomReview comes from Bobby Guingona and RJ Dancel, proud parents of two-year-old Yñigo and the couple behind Ang Buhay Lokal - a blog dedicated to families who want to discover and learn more about the Philippines. RJ is also Mommy Mundo's very own digital specialist! She and Bobby share their experience of the Bébéar 5-in-1 Mesh Hip Seat Carrier!

The Bébéar 5-in-1 Mesh Hip Seat Carrier is ergonomically designed to give support and comfort to both wearer and child. Made with quality, lightweight materials, moms and dads are provided with extra flexibility. This multifunctional hip seat carrier can be used as a front and back baby carrier, or as a baby hip seat. Here is RJ and Bobby's review:

Bobby strolling by the beach with Yñigo in Cabangan, Zambales!

How did you find out about Bébéar?

RJ: I found out about it through work. I got curious about it but we already had another carrier that we got for Yñigo back in 2015. Bobby: RJ tells me everything. So when she told me about the carrier, I did some research on it.

What was your first impression when you saw the carrier?

Bobby: I'm usually the one [between RJ & I] who checks whether we should pick out the gear we buy for Yñigo. So when I first saw the carrier, I was skeptical because we've been using another brand since Yñigo was six months old. I was surprised when I saw that the price was more within the practical range, but I needed to test it before I'm convinced.

RJ: I just love the color!! I have a weakness for pastel. Hehe. Si Bobby bahala kapag mga gear eh. I always consult him before we get anything.

Mother & son looking through the public market in Baler, Aurora.

How did it feel when you first put it on?

Bobby: It was so lightweight. I felt like I wasn't wearing anything. I think both RJ & I agree on this.

What did you like most about it?

RJ: Apart from the color, I like how padded it was. I have back problems. When I babywear Yñigo, it can be difficult for me to do it for more than four hours. I love how wearing it was so comfy! Tamang padding on the back. Plus, I love that there are buckles to ensure Yñigo is safe whenever we're traveling - whether we're hiking, trekking, or wandering from place to place.

Bobby: Yñigo snugged in perfectly. When we tested it out in Baler a few months ago, it was the first time we tried carrying our son backpack style. Yñigo seemed relaxed and happy. The "lightweighted-ness" of it also means less weight for me to carry. The side pocket is also so useful because RJ and I bring phones all the time. Sometimes, we also put small trinkets that Yñigo can tinker with whenever we're exploring some province.

Is there any area of your experience where you’d like to see an improvement?

RJ: I think Bobby and I agree if the strap could be one nalang. It's quite difficult having to slide the strap through the back detachable padding.


Would you recommend it to friends?

RJ & Bobby: Of course, we would!

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For more information on Bebear, visit them at Bébéar PH on Facebook, or @bebear_ph on Instagram!