Behind the Scenes with Expo Mom #TeamMom


Three days, two photographers, 16 mommies, and countless hours of brainstorming, conceptualizing, writing, and designing: That's what it took to come up with Mommy Mundo's latest campaign, Expo Mom #TeamMom. All the hard work was worth it though seeing the warm reception that #TeamMom has received from the mommy community. It was high time to pay tribute to mommy friends who have made the journey easier, lighter, and sometimes funnier for all of us. Here, behind the scenes during the epic Mommy Mundo shoot with The Picture Company. Brave Moms Neva, Betty, and Mish told their stories in almost hushed tones. It was so heartwarming to see how supportive they are of each other.

Mommy Mundo Content Head Jing Lejano , that's the back of her head hehe, working with The Picture Company photographer to make sure the ladies look good in their photos.

We've got the Pilates Mosms in the house and boy, they were a happy bunch!

A change of outfits showed how working out together had produced amazing results for these mommies.

Jaymie and Janice having fun during the shoot.

Sisters cheering each other on!

We had a lot of fun shooting the Superfriends! They were certainly a rowdy bunch!

The Picture Company was our home for three days, and what a great home it was. Not only were the staff accommodating, the studio itself was pleasant and pleasing.

The Mommy Mundo team with the friendly staff of The Picture Company

The Mommy Mundo Team joins the mompreneurs for one last shot! Cheers to #TeamMoms!

Here, the ladies in the Expo Mom #TeamMom poster! See you all this weekend! Expo Mom 2017 IG FINAL