Being Present Parents


A good part of being a parent is being present. In recent years, we've seen a lot of women take time off from their high powered jobs when they decide to become mothers. That's because they want to be present in their children's lives every day. They don't want to miss any milestones, whether it's witnessing their children's first steps or first tantrum. There have also been studies documenting the not so pleasant effects of absentee parents. So when it comes to raising their children, mothers and fathers want to raise their hands and proudly shout, “Present!”

The reality, of course, is that parents can't always be physically present in their children's lives. Work, traffic, and unavoidable circumstances and situations – these are some of the factors that pull families away from each other. The next best thing is to be virtually present for each other, which fortunately has become easy and convenient with today's technology.

Call apps and messaging apps along with social media has made it possible for parents to be present anywhere and everywhere their children may be. Smart subscribers are luckier as the network recently rolled out its nationwide modernization program, providing faster internet connection and wider network coverage like never before. There has thus been tremendous network improvements in Manila, Cebu, Davao, CDO, and all parts of the country.

Parents can be there for their children like never before whether they're doing a video call to a child who's an exchange student abroad or checking up on a teenager driving his way home. Kids are assured as well that wherever they maybe or whatever circumstance they may find themselves in, they can reach out to their parents instantly!


The wonderful thing is that Smart's faster internet connection also enriches moments when kids and parents are physically together. They can watch movies together, learn new skills together, or even shop together. So whether families are together or apart, Smart allows them to be present for each other #LikeNeverBefore.

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