Best Care

group-3.jpg all want the best for our children. And when it comes to products that help us provide nutrition for our kids, nothing should jeopardize their health and safety. Take feeding bottles and nipples, for example. Not all manufacturers use quality materials, while some even try to distract unsuspecting Moms and Dads with appealing designs. Unfortunately, no amount of colorful, cutesy camouflage can hide a bottle’s poor performance when it starts coming apart. What’s worse is that when the unreliable materials start breaking down and leaching harmful chemicals like Bisphenol A (BPA) into your baby’s drink, the damage can be permanently irreversible.

KinderCare takes a no-nonsense approach to these things, heeding medical and scientific findings on health and safety issues seriously. When studies came out that BPA are harmful to infants, they immediately moved to retain only their 100 percent BPA-free bottles. When technological advancements were able to find ways to produce the much more durable and biocompatible liquid silicone rubber, KinderCare began offering only 100 percent liquid silicone nipples to ensure utmost safety and top-quality performance for babies everywhere.

Just as parents are committed to safety and quality where babies are concerned, so is KinderCare committed to giving us only the best to help care for our little ones.

To stock up on KinderCare products, Moms and Dads can visit KinderCare stores in leading department stores nationwide. For more info, visit their Facebook page:

Photos from KinderCare.