La-Z-Boy: The Best Seat in the House


When my kids found out that we were going to have a La-Z-Boy for a week, they got all excited. They grew up watching Friends and always thought that Chandler and Joey were so cool to have matching recliners. I suppose it’s every coach potato’s dream, really, to have a buttery leather, soft and comfy recliner to put your feet up and give your back a rest. From your veritable throne, you can watch your favorite movies and television shows all day.

Testing, testing

When the La-Z-Boy finally arrived, there was much excitement in the house. Everyone wanted to make like Chandler and Joey and eat pizzas and watch TV all day! Well, we didn’t do that, of course. But the La-Z-Boy was definitely the most popular seat in the house for the week.


Erika enjoying the La-Z-Boy

Sophie, my seven-year-old granddaughter, fell in love with it immediately, and liked using its rocking function as it soothed her. My three college-age sons took turns sitting on the La-Z-Boy. Kyle, my youngest son, particularly liked putting up the foot rest so that he can recline his body the whole way. He even thought of maybe sleeping on the La-Z-Boy on its last night with us!

My eldest daughter Erika, who had been in Korea half of the time, was only too excited to give the La-Z-Boy a spin when she finally got to see it. Needless to say that I sat on that buttery leather every chance I got. At one point, I even found myself staying till late into the night because I got too comfy in the La-Z-Boy. I could very well imagine pregnant women having a relaxing time sitting in a La-Z-Boy or new moms nursing their babies on this comfy recliner or better, rocking them to sleep.


Time for a quick nap

We had so much fun with the La-Z-Boy that I actually started shopping around for one a week later. I found this kiosk in the middle of Glorietta, and got schooled on how it relieves stress and encourages relaxation, which of course I experienced firsthand. Plus, it’s great for our back, too. The sales persons promised me a discount. Let’s see! – Jing Lejano


The La-Z-Boy can help you relax after a stressful day.


Say bye-bye to back pain with this comfy seat


It provides great comfort to pregnant women and breastfeeding moms