Big Crunch Fry and Shake


We discovered another solution for busy moms and households.   It’s a product that allows us to enjoy the all time family favorite fried chicken in a brand new way.   What we love about Big Crunch Fry and Shake:

1. It is not the usual fried chicken breading mix. It comes in three flavors that most kids love: cheese, smoked BBQ and Sour cream.


2. Its  packaging is easy and simple to understand and use.  Its an all-in-one product, you just have to buy chicken and you’ll have the family ulam ready in a snap.

3. Here’s the best part! Big Crunch Fry and Shake incorporates fun into preparing meals- something that can help engage our kids into making flavorfyl meals for themselves and the rest of the family.

The pack itself comes with three chamber partitions. The first chamber holds the breading, the second the shaker bagand the third contains the flavor mix.



We tried out the Cheese flavor on our newly fried chicken drumsticks.

We put on the breading, Then fried the chicken.




Then bring out the shaker bag. Pour the cheese breading mix in.




Shake shake shake away and voila! You have your yummy unique fried chicken lunch, dinner or baon!





Check out this new product from NutriAsia on your next visit to the supermarket!