Blessed Babes


It’s virtually impossible to see a baby you wouldn’t want to snuggle up to. It’s also such fun to dress them up in cute, frilly things like cuddly living dolls or Mommy’s Mini-me. However, you have to be conscious about what you make your precious one wear. Or else, you’ll have a poor, irritable, squalling baby on your hands instead of a cherub! blooms1a_zoom

Choose soft, comfortable, cottony clothes that are breathable and gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. Avoid synthetics or anything scratchy that could give rashes and allergies to your precious little bundle of joy. Chic and fashionable is okay, but a smiling, happy baby is better!


Since babies remind us of little angels, Babinski Baby’s pretty line of onesies with inspirational quotes at the back seems right on target. Designed by moms with babies of their own, Babinski celebrates the Good Word in style. Each original piece is handmade from soft, breathable material with sizes to fit little ones from 0 to 18 months old.


Check out the different designs at From frills to prints, appliques to ruffles, there’s quite a few to choose from, whether it’s for God’s little girl or little boy. Your heaven-sent tots wouldn't just be cute, they’ll be spreading the Good News too in their own fashionable way!