Brain Power Toys!


Play is an important part of a child’s development. As their motor skills grow through fun activities, their brain is also stimulated to develop both creative and critical analytical thinking skills.

Mighty Mind educational toys and activity sets are designed to encourage the child to explore and discover simple shapes that can be combined to form different pictures and designs. Encouraging the child to think, build, and solve puzzles of increasing complexity enhances their thinking skills and confidence in themselves.

Different from other toys that leave nothing to the imagination, Mighty Mind are quality toys that help kids grow smarter the longer they play with it. The activity sets encourage the development of brain power and provides hours of enjoyment, keeping little hands busy and occupied.

Fatty Brain Toys, Inc. is Mighty Mind’s exclusive distributor in the Philippines. You can hop on over to their Facebook account to browse through the various activity sets available.

Photo from Mighty Mind.