Different Breastfeeding Positions That Work

Breastfeeding is the best skin-to-skin bonding between you and your baby. It’s also the most wonderful nutrition a mother could give to her baby. But one of the key factors to a successful breastfeeding experience for both mom and baby is to feed in a comfortable and proper position. Breastfeeding in any of these positions will also make your baby latch correctly so you could avoid breast injuries or soreness and even prolong the journey.

Dr. Jaime Isip-Cumpas, a Pediatrician, Breastfeeding and Lactation Consultant, and a resident Mommy Mundo Expert recommends the following Breastfeeding Positions that work in the latest video on Mommy Mundo’s YouTube channel.

Breastfeeding Positions

  • Football Hold - also known as a clutch hold is holding your baby like a clutch or a football. Right arm or hold for right breast and left arm or hold for the left breast. Hold the baby on your side facing you with baby’s legs tucked under your arm (like a football) and head supported by your hand. This is one of the best positions if you’ve had a C-section so that baby’s body will not touch your abdomen.

  • Cradle Hold - is the classic position of breastfeeding which has the mother sitting up right as she holds the baby in her arms. The baby’s head and neck should be laying on your forearm while his tummy should be touching yours. A pillow at your back is preferable so it could rest and support it while breastfeeding. It’s best to use a nursing pillow to support your baby while in this position. Make sure that the baby is not lifted too high nor the baby is too low. To check, the baby should be latching at the same level that your breasts are in its natural resting position to avoid strain and injury of your nipples.

  • Cross-Cradle Hold - This position is almost the same as the cradle hold except your arms switch its roles, meaning your baby’s body now lays along your opposite forearm to support his neck and shoulders. Experts say this is a great newborn breastfeeding position and is also good for small babies and those with latching difficulties. Your free arm could be used to support or shape your breast or even tend to other things.

  • Side-Lying Hold - This position is the most ideal for night feedings without hassle because both you and your baby are side-lying comfortably, tummy to tummy. It is also a good position if you’ve had a C-section than sitting that would require you to take some effort to get up.

  • Laid-back Position - If you’ve especially had a C-Section, this position will work best because your baby is not going to touch your abdomen. Reclining is recommended with your baby’s body across your shoulder as he nurses. This position will not put any weight or pressure on your C-section wound.

Find a position which you and your baby are most comfortable with. If you are not properly positioned, your baby may not get as much milk as he should or you may not produce as much milk. Make sure also that your baby latches properly and that his face and body should be facing same positon. Skin-to-skin preps your baby and your breasts for breastfeeding, so make sure this is highly recommended. You shouldn’t also reach down to your baby by hunching, your baby should be lifted by arms or help of nursing pillow to get that good latch.

Happy breastfeeding.