Bring Out The Craftster In You


Jaclyn Colmenares-Zapatos started sewing when she was nine years old. At the time, she remembers turning her pants into skirts and transforming her shirts into quilts. Today, Jaclyn makes fabric dolls under her own label, by Mom. She also teaches a Waldorf-inspired doll making class to aspiring craftsters young and old. If you’ve always fancied yourself a craftster, but have not had the time nor the opportunity to pursue your passion, here are some ideas to get you going:


Start now! Whether you’re into sewing or crocheting, making mosaics or jewelry, don’t wait for the perfect time; there is none. Commit to your craft, and start churning out beautiful things.

Join a class. Jaclyn says, “People who are starting their crafts are very lucky since the handmade movement is slowly becoming more popular. You now have workshops from different groups like Craft MNL, Hey Kessy, and Life After Breakfast.”

Know your tribe. When Jaclyn was invited to the Alabama Arts and Crafts Fair, she was able to meet other women who were as passionate as she was about all things handmade. Being around such creative individuals inspired Jaclyn even more, encouraging her to turn her hobby into a business.

Go back to the drawing board. Learn from books. Learn from other people. Learn from your mistakes. Jaclyn, for example, would go back to her patterns after every event, taking note of what she can do away and what she can improve. Jaclyn says, “That’s the beauty with handmade, it’s like an art form; you get better every single time.” Find out more about Jaclyn’s dolls at

Art supplies photos courtesy of Supertrooper at Carnation and mosaic pot photo courtesy of Feelart at