Mothers for the Future


downloadMoms are one of the most versatile and hardworking people. They can handle and run and entire household while juggling countless tasks, crying babies, and still be able to make dinner all without breaking a sweat. It is no surprise to know that there are so many mom-inventors and mom-innovators who have developed creations that helped make a better future.

From Hedy Lamarr who  developed the technology to help the Navy remotely control torpedoes, heddy-lamarr-300


Mary Anderson who in 1903, invented and patented the Windshield wipers making driving on a rainy day safer, mary_anderson1


Stephanie Kwolek who invented Kevlar, a component used to create bulletproof vests,



From socialite Josephine Cochrane who developed the first dishwasher. jospehine-cochrane1

They are all moms who had two things in common: a great idea and a deep passion to make lives better by creating things. Whether you are a domestic diva, a corporate working mom, or a self-made business guru, you too can make a difference by sharing and submitting your idea for change at

Moms, what kind of future do you want to build for your children? What are the things you think you can improve on or develop to create a better life for your family? How can you, as a mom, provide a better, healthier, and safer environment for your family? What are the things that matter most to you and how can you make these better? Share your thoughts now and you might just be the next Hedy Lamarr or Stephanie Kwolek.


A bright future comes from great things and great things come from creative minds with great ideas, and great ideas can always be developed and improved through innovation. Philips understands how innovations matter to you and along with an active commitment to promote health and well-being, launches the “Innovations That Matter To You” campaign.

Filipinos are known to be one of the most crafty, creative, and innovative people. We are able to create and develop unique and innovative products through creatively curious methods, using the simplest materials. They say that two heads are better than one and positive change can be better accomplished with helping hands. With that in mind, Philips encourages the public to work together to address and solve the three most crucial action areas: Liveable Cities, Healthy Families, and Access to Healthcare.


Help create a brighter future for your family and for generations to come. Challenge yourself and the community by coming up with a unique, innovative, attainable, and beneficial solution to address one of the three crucial action areas, tying it up with a chosen theme. Send in your bright ideas, for a chance to be able to have it come to life and create a better future for your family and millions of families across the Asia-Pacific. 3

A select group of screeners (consisting of representatives of Philips and its campaign partners) shall select six top project proposals based on set criteria. The six groups/people will undergo a mentorshop workshop to be participated in by some of the country’s most renowned changemakers, to enable them to improve their respective suggestions, and make it more viable and worthwhile. 4

Philips will develop/implement the winning project proposal within 2014 to signify its commitment to improve the state of the Philippines’ health and well-being.

What matters most to you? Change the future today. Submit your entries at