Capturing the Moment


It is a truth universal that parents love photographing special moments with their babies. And so when SM Department Store decided to formally launch their SM Babies line with an exhibit at the Manila Peninsula Conservatory featuring 14 moms and their babes captured in heart-warming photographs, it hit a sweet spot at the heart of every mom. Executed by celebrated photographer Pilar Tuason, the exhibit, aptly called “Special Moments,” comprised of four distinct bonding moments between mother and child: bedtime, playtime, baptismal, and party time.

A nice surprise: the exhibit showed moms from different professions having a lovely time with their babies. There was actress Andi Eigenmann with her daughter Elle, radio fave Delamar Arias with her son Cooper, model Georgia Schulze del Rosario and daughter Katia, and blogger Tin Dychiao and son Xavi. The other moms who were part of the exhibit include Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles, Marta Araneta, Isabel Olondriz, Maia Martirez-Hing, Grace Barbers-Baja, Emillie Montenegro-Yupangco, Rose Montenegro-Boonpongsa, Angela Yeo, Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez, and Juana Manahan-Yupangco.

Mommy journalists and bloggers who were invited to the special event were thrilled to meet up with their fellow parents. Apart from marvelling at all the cute apparel to be found at the SM Babies line, the moms ended up sharing stories about their parenting adventures, as most mothers are wont to do. It was truly a special afternoon!

3 Radio darling Delamar Arias and son Cooper “I was giving Cooper a bath one night when he looked at me, touched my arm, and said 'mama.' He's been able to say that before but never addressing me. I thought nothing of it but then, he does it again two more times while looking at me in the eyes. I love that moment because it was the first time I had a name and he knew who I was—his Mama. I think when you become a mom, you feel love in a magnified way. I thought I knew love until I had Cooper and then suddenly there's one huge room in my heart that could occupy so much love.”

Andi and Baby Elle Actress Andi Eigenmann and daughter Elle “It's whenever I get to have a full day to myself and take my daughter out that's most special to me. With my busy schedule, it's the perfect time for me to focus on just her completely. I get to see her play and smile and laugh and I get a lot of time to do it with her, which helps me get a glimpse of who or what kind of girl she'll become as she grows older. Those are always the most special moments because there's nothing I want more for my daughter than to grow up a happy and contented person.”

7 Model Georgia Schulze-del Rosario and daughter Katia "Little Katia is my third daughter. From the day she was born, she was an easy baby and as soon as her first smile appeared, it almost never left her face. I'm so blessed with all my girls, the love that weaves its way through each of them is immeasurable and they truly make me a better woman every day."

10 Blogger and Mommy Mundo SoMom Tin Dychiao and son Xavi “Preparing for bedtime is our most favorite time of the day. It starts off with a warm bath, a massage, and dressing for bed. Soon after, he breastfeeds and drifts off to dreamland. His day ends and “me time” begins.”

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