Catch-all for Moms


It could be tough trying to get organized when you’re packing for baby and yourself. You can’t have a lot of bags, lugging everything around or transferring things from one bag to the next. You’re likely to misplace things and come near to losing your mind, especially when baby has an emergency situation happening in his diaper!

There are also those days when you just have to go pop in at the grocery or the mall for some essentials and you can’t just leave baby at home. You’re not going to be gone long enough to bring everything but the kitchen sink (if you can stuff it in the baby bag!) but you can’t risk leaving home without a few diapers, wipes, and baby’s change of clothes. Then there’s your wallet, car keys, sanitizers, and other small what-have-you’s that you can’t just put in your pocket.

Streamline your needs to the truly necessary things. Just keep two bags: a big one for long trips and a small one for the quick step-outs. Buggy and Lishy’s Diaper Clutch is an organizer with three compartments that can comfortably fit all your mommy things like keys, wallet, and cellphone, and still have room for baby's needs. It even comes with a changing mat and additional hooks that can turn the multifunctional clutch into a caddy for toddler stuff or a toiletry bag for the bathroom.

Get organized with Buggy and Lishy.

Photo from Buggy and Lishy