Choosing the Right School for Your Child


One of the most important decisions that a parent will ever make is where to send his child to school. Once a child turns two, the search for the perfect play school begins. Studies show that the first six years of life are the most critical in a child's development. Learning experiences at this time will play a big role in a child's future success. Because the brain is rapid and relentless in learning, parents must make sure that their child gets the learning experiences and resources. Sharing three important things that parents must consider when choosing a school for their child is Nicole Wuthrich-Dela Cruz. Nicole is a mom and the vice president for marketing and operation of The SchoolRoom, a learning institution that provides a safe and exciting environment that is developmentally appropriate to each level, while integrating activities that are experiential, hands-on, and engaging.


#1 Look at the teaching style that best suits your child. 

Children learn in different ways. Tiffany Yu, directress of The SchoolRoom, says, “Consider a student-centered approach where the student plays an active role in what is learned. The SchoolRoom provides high-quality early childhood education using Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP).” DAP is a framework that meets children at their stage of development. Importance is given to understanding each child and his overall development. This sets The SchoolRoom's curriculum apart from other schools.


#2 Check the background and educational experience of the teaching staff.

Effective schools would have a healthy combination of experienced teachers who are active mentors of new teachers. Raquel Perez-Wong, president of The SchoolRoom, says, “Your children will be spending a lot of time with their teachers, so it's important to know who they are spending time with. At The SchoolRoom we make sure our teaching staff are qualified educators who provide a nurturing environment for our students. We understand how important it is to provide meaningful experiences for the child's physical, cognitive, social and emotional, language and literacy, and sensory and motor development.”


#3 Know the school's values.

“The school's mission and vision empowers their teachers and students to work together to reach learning goals,” says Wong. In the case of The SchoolRoom, it is its mission and vision to develop critical thinkers who are confident, curious, and well-rounded. It seeks to develop individual talents and aptitudes in a nurturing environment. Play-based activities and collaborative projects provide opportunities for self-discovery, joy, and laughter. The curriculum is designed to stimulate the child's imagination, encouraging sound decision making, and problem-solving.

Choosing the right school takes time, patience, and research. Look at your child's needs first and then seek out learning centers that would fill in those needs. In the end, you'd want to a school where your child will blossom and bloom.

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