Clouds of Sweetness


Whoever invented cotton candy must be some sort of genius. It’s light and airy, colorful and sweet, reminding everyone young and old about wistful, happy days. Pam’s Candy Clouds captures the mood of those happy days by offering cotton candy of vibrant colors and delicious flavors. It takes just one quick call for Pam’s Candy Clouds to bring joyful smiles at your next party. Kids get to choose the color of their cotton candy—pink, blue, or yellow, and then pick a flavor, of which there are plenty.


Green Apple, Watermelon, Vanilla, Raspberry, Strawberry, Bubblegum, Grape, Lemon, Cherry, Pina Colada, Banana, Orange, Coffee and Cream, Buko Pandan and Green Tea—these are just some of the yummy flavors that Pam can make for you.

Rates are very reasonable: P3,000 for 2 hours; P3,800 for 3 hours; and P4,600 for 4 hours. Call them a week ahead for bookings.

Pam’s Candy Clouds 0917-832-0906