Co-Sleeping for the Win!


In recent years, there has been a definitive trend towards co-sleeping among new moms. While parents of a generation ago made it a point to have their babies sleep in their own cribs, sometimes in a different room, the new generation of mommies and daddies are rediscovering the many joys and benefits of co-sleeping, a practice which has been popular through the ages. Here are some of the reasons why co-sleeping is good for baby, mom, and dad:

Win #1: Ease with Night Nursing Co-sleeping makes breastfeeding at night easy-peasy. Mom only needs turn on her side to feed baby, allowing her to continue resting. This is definitely a big benefit as baby and mom continue to enjoy each other's company while both are relaxed and at rest. Here's a happy bonus: co-sleeping actually helps maintain mom's milk supply. Breast milk production works under the principle of supply and demand – and because baby mostly feeds at night, mom's body rises up to the challenge to produce milk to meet his need.

Win #2: Opportunity for Bonding and Connecting Co-sleeping brings about a feeling of closeness between baby and his parents. At night, parents can connect with their baby uninterrupted. This is definitely a godsend specially for parents who are busy during the day. Co-sleeping gives them the opportunity to reconnect with their baby. Such closeness is good for the baby all around as it makes the little one feel safe, secure, and loved. It is no wonder then that co-sleeping babies grow up with a higher self-esteem.

Win #3: Peaceful Sleeping Time Co-sleeping lets baby sleep more peacefully at night. Because he knows that mom and dad are close by, he feels secure. Research shows that co-sleeping babies rarely startle during sleep and hardly cry during the night as compared to solo sleepers. Plus, babies who sleep near their parents have been shown to have more stable temperatures and regular heart rhythms than those who sleep alone. And precisely because mom and dad are close by, they are able to meet baby's needs right away. Mom gets so used to baby's sleep behavior that she can actually gauge when he's hungry or when he's wet before he starts crying. Less crying means more sleep time both for baby and his parents. Wonderful!

Win #4: Decreases Risk of SIDS and Other Nighttime Dangers Co-sleeping has been shown to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). SIDS rate is actually the lowest in countries where co-sleeping is the prevailing practice. It's good to note that mom's breathing serves as a cue to baby as well. During the first few months of life, gaps in breathing may occur. But with mom close by, baby is reminded to take a breath following exhaling, preventing a SIDS situation from happening. The very fact that parents are close by shields baby from potential nighttime dangers. A baby has a better chance, for instance, of surviving a fire which breaks out at night with his parents nearby.

Win #5: A Blessing for Mommas Co-sleeping lets mom take care of baby's nighttime needs without stepping off her bed. Momma needs to sleep and rest, too, and co-sleeping lets her do just that. With baby sleeping on the same bed, mom can feed him, change his diapers, pat him, and cuddle him in a relaxed environment. This arrangement lets mom and baby get more sleep and rest. Plus, moms release oxytocin, the love hormone, when they're close to their babies. The love hormone is not only great for nurturing their bond, it also makes them sleep better.

If you are co-sleeping for the first time, it's important to follow these do's and don'ts: - Do use a firm mattress. - Do let babies under six months sleep on their backs and never on their tummies. - Don't co-sleep when you've taken drugs, alcohol, or medications with a sedative effect. - Don't let other kids share sleeping space with a baby. - Don't co-sleep if have sleep apnea or if you are obese. - Don’t co-sleep on soft surfaces like water beds and bean bags. - Don't wear clothes with strings. - Do keep fluffy pillows and blankets away from baby. - Do use a co-sleeper like Snuggle Nest. Designed to incorporate preventative safety features suggested by leading sleep experts and organizations, Snuggle Nest provides a firm sleeping surface. By being positioned at adult head level, the infant rests in a clear and open area, free of adult bedding and adult bodies. The Snuggle Nest is designed for newborns, from birth until they begin to push up or roll over.

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