Cookie Monstering for My Milk Mobsters


I am a tandem breastfeeder. I have a three-year-old who feels she isn’t done with her turn at nursing and a one-year-old who is clearly not done with nursing. Although my three-year-old is slowly weaning (she’s learning to sleep at night without her dede), we still have morning milk and afternoon nap milk. I think it’s also her quiet alone time with me that she so zealously guards more than the milk nowadays. But whichever it is, I’m in no hurry to change it.

I’ve been blessed with a good, steady milk supply since way back, but I still have my off-days when they’re sick or having growth spurts and seem to want more than I can give. I’m always looking to improve the quality of my milk as well and I’m never been keen on drugs or supplements. I am a foodie though and I always believe that our food is our medicine! So imagine how happy I was when I found out that a baker in my immediate vicinity actually supplied moms with breastfeeding cookies—and made from local organic ingredients as well!

I was able to secure a batch of assorted baked goodies from Crumbs and Grubs and of course, I was sold on its having malunggay. I was excited to try out the taste and how my body would react to it. I first tried the brownies (my favorite) at just one brownie a day, according to baker Happy Mommy Jeanne. No reaction yet! The next day, I had two cookies, one regular chocolate chip and one with dark chocolate chips. I enjoyed it with a warm glass of milk in the morning, while the kids were asleep because they had been pestering me for a bite since they saw me bring the box home. Late that afternoon, I felt that my breasts felt a little fuller than usual and the milk that was coming out seemed a little thicker than usual.

I continued with a cookie twice a day or a brownie once for about a week, and I noticed that the fullness continued and the kids seemed to enjoy the milk more. Needless to say, my milk supply had increased to the point that once, I let-down and leaked about a precious ounce! This also happened a week after my baked supplies ran out. Since my body had adjusted to making more, it took some time before the overdrive slowed down!

I'm actually looking forward to ordering more cookies and brownies! I heard that Crumbs and Grubs also offers vegan cookies that vegetarians may like to try. My kids and my sister would also love to have some of it since I gave in and let them have some. A virus was playing musical chairs on the kids so I thought a little immune booster wouldn’t hurt. Oh, and all that fiber! We had happy tummies all week! After all, malunggay is a superfood and oats are healthy for everyone. With Crumbs and Grubs’ baked goodies, who wouldn’t want to eat their merry yummy way to health?—Laya Florendo

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