Cool App for Pregnant Moms

app-app.jpg I have been pregnant four times, and I just have to tell you: every pregnancy is different. On my first, I was vomiting quite incessantly for the first few months. On my second, I experienced a bit of spotting on my third month, and was put on house arrest for almost four weeks. Surprisingly, my third pregnancy went on quite smoothly—and I told myself, “Well, maybe I finally got the hang of it!” I was mistaken as my fourth pregnancy came with its own ups and downs, and ended with my doctor fearing that I had placenta previa. Fortunately, things worked out fine as I gave birth to a healthy baby boy!

Yes, no matter how many times you’ve gotten pregnant, the experience doesn’t get any easier—and so, it would be of great help if you had someone to guide you along the way. Of course, your husband would always be there to support you. However, men are not exactly into details, so the hubby may not be able to keep track of all the vitamins and supplements that you have to take. And while your doctor monitors your progress, he won’t be there every day to clue you in on healthy recipes or give you exercise tips.

Which is why I would have found the Anmum Pregnancy App incredibly useful while I was infanticipating—and I am absolutely envious of all the new moms out there who could benefit from this very helpful app.

Think of the Anmum Pregnancy App as your handy executive assistant, preparing you for the week ahead with information on what you are likely to experience in the next seven days and prompting you to remember all the important dates related to your pregnancy journey, from setting appointments with your Ob-Gyne to going shopping with your Nursery Decorator.

When you’re stomped about what to eat for lunch, just scroll down the Anmum Pregnancy App’s recipe listings for healthy ideas. It even has a 1-Minute Folate Test so you know if you’re having your daily fill of Folate.

But what I love most about this App are the trackers, one of which is the Weight Tracker. You just log in your current weight, and if you’re a little bit off your recommended weight, it will give you some exercise tips to get you on the right path! It’s like having a personal trainer on your pocket! The other one I like is the Kick Counter as it analyzes baby’s movement in order to check if he’s doing fine! This would definitely give peace of mind.

Check out NEW Anmum Pregnancy app now! It’s available on the Google Play Store for Android devices (“Android link”) or on the Apple App Store for iOS devices (“iOS link”).-Jing