Crumb Catchers

tomato-1.jpg Babies and toddlers explore with all their senses and everything more or less ends up in their mouths. Everything must be tasted, whether it looks appetizing or not to us adults! And every mealtime is accompanied by a mess as tiny tots discover the many flavors of food. In their excitement and curiosity, food is bound to go everywhere and your little ones will have food in their hands, face, clothes, and even their hair!

But even if the dinner table looks like a food fight just happened, it’s really very healthy for kids to be curious about what they eat. Encourage their attempts to feed themselves and just take measures for damage control. When they develop their skills and discipline, it’s going to be a lot cleaner and easier to manage.

Tomatoberry Kids’ Crumb Catcher Bib is great to have around while kids are learning about food. Made of 93 percent polyester and 7 percent rayon, it’s easy to wipe and clean so you don’t have to keep replacing messy bibs all throughout the meal. It’s also big enough for kids up to 3 years old in its generously sized 11" x 9" so that your child’s clothes are going to be easier to keep clean during meals. The crumb catcher at the bottom of the bib can help stem the tide of chunky messes falling onto your tot’s lap, the chair, or the floor too. The pocket can be emptied at the sink and the whole bib, lightly washed straight away. With a Velcro closure, it’s easy to whip on and off from wiggly, active babies but is sure to stay on to protect them from food messes.

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Tomatoberry Kids was a recent participant at the Mommy Mundo Clearance Sale held last August 2013.

Photos from Tomatoberry Kids.