Dance Your Heart Out!

danspace1.jpg Children are truly blessed to have the world as their oyster, with their potential to achieve an endless number of possibilities. As parents, it is up to us to take their lead in finding what path their interest lies and encourage them as they strive to reach for their dreams.

Born from a desire to nurture young dancers to reach the full potentials of their talents, Danspace Ballet School provides quality dance training to kids as young as three years old. Using the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet (ACB) syllabus method complemented by years of professional dance experiences with various styles, Director Maritoni Tordesillas encourages her students to go beyond their capabilities. Deeply committed to her students’ growth and well-being, Maritoni promotes a healthy lifestyle as well as the value of hard work and discipline while providing them a good foundation in dance. She encourages their unique personalities to shine through a highly conducive learning environment.

Danspace has a nine-month school year from July to March and an intensive two-month Summer Dance Workshop from April to May. Classes cover young beginners with no experience to advanced young dancers. The program curriculum is also kind to dancers who study part-time, allowing them to train from five years old and finish by 12. A grand recital is held every two years with mini-recitals and concerts.

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