#PassItOnMom: Denise Aquino-Posadas, Finding Deeper Meaning In Everything


Denise Aquino-Posadas, is a mom of one and the boss mama behind Tokyo Posh, a decade-old business beautifying women with put on hair extensions.  Her business is one of its kind in the Philippines and has been getting praises from happy clients, celebrities to ordinary women who simply want to look and feel great.

She was a  design student in Japan when she discovered something that was not available in the local market. Hair extensions then were all the rage in Japan, and she saw how it was a playful and fun way for women to experiment with their looks, express themselves, and also, in a way, practice self-care. She decided to bring this to the Philippines and now her company, Tokyo Posh has branches in various malls in the country.


Passing On Finding Deeper Meaning In Everything You Do

Denise shares that she’s very passionate about making other people happy.  This is evident in the many returning customers she has. This is also her secret for staying 10 years strong!  She said, “in life and in business it's never all about the money.” This is what she also wants to pass on to her daughter Mia.  She added, “ In whatever she does I hope she finds deeper meaning into what she's doing because in that way she'll be able to make everything and anything work.”

She recalls how her mother was a full-time mom and just focused on taking care of her.  “ I remember my mom sometimes she would tell me, ‘I get bored in the house because all I do is take care of you.’  Now that I'm a mom I really appreciate my mom more, she told me, ‘You know when you were growing up, I didn't do anything else but take care of you...It's all worth it because we get to do business together, you made my dream come true.’  That for me is the biggest fulfillment I can ever get with having my own business with my mom.”

But becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t really Denise’ dream.  She was a fashion designer first and foremost. But fate has a way of turning things around for her.  “I have a lot of dreams! And a lot of times I always ask myself, when will I be able to pursue those dreams?  But when Mia came along, it's okay. For now, I'll focus my time on her and I'll give her my 100%. Who knows maybe one day she can also make my dream come true.”

Watch Denise’ Pass It On Mom video here:

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*All photos taken by Sheila Catilo at Lady Scott Jones Showroom

How about you? What are you passing on, MOM?