#PassItOnMom: Dimples Romana, Embracing Womanhood and Motherhood


Dimples Romana, is a mom of 2, a host, actress for 22 years, an entrepreneur, and now an author. With the endless hats she wears every day. one would think, how does she manage them all? She says, with hard work and prayer.

Dimples seems to have the natural ability to practice balance in her life, even with endless shooting days, she is still an active and present mother to her daughter and son. Behind the lights and cameras, Dimples is just like any mother who intentionally gives her 100% to her family. You would often see tidbits of her life with her kids, her cooking instructional videos, and inspirational tips and advice on her stories. Her valuable and generous sharing online blossomed into a book she wrote which was recently published, “Dimps Tips.” The book is a reflection of this young and purposeful mama, who is passionate about sharing her experience and very practical tips and advice on running a home, and keeping her family whole and happy. Another blessing came when her love for cooking gave birth to a cooking show with her son called “Dimp’s Kitchen.”


Passing On the Value of Embracing Womanhood and Motherhood

With everything that Dimples went through her life, she had experienced both ups and downs, but this didn’t stop her from getting up, moving forward, and striving to be the better version of herself as a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a friend. She truly embraced womanhood and motherhood and all the flaws and failures that come with it.

“In my life, I’m passionately passing on the value of embracing your womanhood and motherhood journey’s victories and flaws. No one is perfect and we all have our struggles daily but in the same way that we are weak, we are also strong. We take courage and brace ourselves with life’s uncertainty and treat each day not as a battle to be won but a journey to be enjoyed. That each day is not a lesson to be learned but an experience to be had. We will not always feel super, we will stumble, but we can always try to be the best version of ourselves. To practice forgiving yourself for your shortcomings and mistakes, to be patient with your progress and to never ever give up. I’d like to pass it on not only to my children but to women like me as well who strive not to be perfect but to be what we are needed to be by our families, friends but most importantly what my inner self needs me to be. I am motivated by the many failures and missteps I have taken over the last 34 years of my life. I do this by sharing my story.”

For her children, Dimples wants to pass on the value of hard work, faith, and kindness to everyone, even those that don’t deserve it, because kindness should be shared.

Watch Dimples’ Pass It On Mom video here:

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*All photos taken by Sheila Catilo at Lady Scott Jones Showroom

How about you? What are you passing on, MOM?