Downloadable Happy App


Well, we all know how enamored kids are to all stuff digital these days. And so, when you want to get their attention, it’s best to do it the high-tech way. Want to teach them a little about the environment? Have them scroll over Maddie & Matt’s Happy Earth!

A free kid application for iOS and Android devices, Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth teaches kids about the importance of taking care of the environment by using modern technology as a platform of information.

Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth follow the adventures of the two well-mannered siblings as they learn about how to make our world a better place.

Geared towards preschoolers, the app has many features. Apart from the interactive storybook showing various environmental issues and solutions, there’s the Segre Game where your tots can dispose of trash properly by dragging an item to the correct bin (biodegradable, non-biodegradable, or leftovers) and Spot the Difference where your kids can pick out the differences in two similar photos. There’s also Easter Egg Hunt with Trivia, where a fun fact is shared when an Easter egg is found. More importantly, your kids can create their very own Happy Earth by dragging different objects on the screen to style their own planet!

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