5 Tips To An EKstraordinary Day At Enchanted Kingdom

Mommy Mundo took a trip to Enchanted Kingdom for a Mother’s Day celebration! Being in EK was extra special because it was my child’s first time to go. And as soon as we heard the iconic song, “Everyday everyday, everyday the magic is here…”, we knew we were in for an amazing day. It was like letting a child (and mom) loose in a candy store!

Enchanted Kingdom was as extraordinary as I remember it. Much has changed as well. The EKstreme Tower, Disk-O-Magic, and Agila the EKsperience are the latest additions to its lineup of rides and attractions. It’s true when they say that there is magic in every corner.

Chief Operating Officer Cynthia Mamon welcomed all the moms who came to celebrate. She explained, “The park was designed with the family in mind. And now that I’m a mom, I can see how the park gives focus to moms with breastfeeding stations, diaper changing areas, wheelchair friendly streets, stroller, and storage lockers.”

We also got to enjoy Kindermagic, a kiddie center where moms and kids can relax over learning and fun. And beyond family bonding, Enchanted Kingdom advocates nationalistic pride. Agila the EKsperience was an eye opener of how beautiful our country is!

If you’re planning one last summer hurrah, Enchanted Kingdom is the place to bring your family. Here are 5 tips in maneuvering the streets of EK, enjoying the rides, and having the best fun ever.

1. Even if summer’s almost over, the days are as hot as ever. Pack light because bags are hard to bring on rides. And if you don’t have a companion to leave them with, you’ll end up leaving your belongings unattended for a while.

The Gouache Babe-on the-go Diaper Bag is spacious yet easy to carry around. It can hold extra clothes, diapers, and essentials without being so bulky.


You can also pop a handy dandy AppleTree Ice Pack in your bag beside your water bottle for cool, refreshing sips. 



2. The park is huge so plan ahead. Grab a park map and strategize areas you want to go to first! That way you can cover as much rides and attractions as you can.

Walking around is easier with a lightweight, easy-to-maneuver stroller. The Babyzen can fold out and fold up in just a few seconds, making it a great companion while exploring EK.

3. Make those memories last with lots and lots of pictures. Keep your phone ready to capture every moment of fun and laughter. Whether they’re on a ride or just watching, your child’s expressions will be priceless!

Protect yourself and your little ones from your smart phone’s radiation with FAZUP, an anti-radiation patch. FAZUP regulates and reduces the radiation emitted by the mobile phone towards your head when you call, and towards your body when you carry the phone on you.

4. There are times when you have to put down your gadget and soak everything in. Riding Agila the EKsperience is one of those. It’s the first and only flying theater in the Philippines that takes you through the sites and wonders of our country. You could also be on the Roller Skater or Bumbling Boulders. And with your arms up high, take a look at the little one beside you and imprint the expression of sheer joy in your mind.

5. The game stands were a hit with my little one! Whether it was trying to knock down blocks, fishing, or popping balloons with darts, he felt so challenged. He actually won a prize in the fishing game, and that stuffed toy is sitting proudly on his toy cabinet.

After playing and exploring, freshen up with Baby Moby Water Wipes! You can also opt for pocket-sized clean up with Little Tree’s Foaming Hand Sanitizer.



Kids spell love as T-I-M-E.

At the end of the day, there is nothing more important than family. Enchanted Kingdom is a great place to spend quality time together and make memories to last a lifetime. So if you’re planning one last summer hurrah, why not spend it at a magical place that’s so close to home?

There was a spark in my child’s eyes as he discovered and explored the twists and turns of Enchanted Kingdom. It’s officially one of our family’s ways to spend time together!

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Enchanted Kingdom is located in San Lorenzo South, City of Santa Rosa Laguna, Philippines. Visit their website at www.enchantedkingdom.ph.