Electrolux Time Manager: Making Clothes Clean


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Nobody likes doing the laundry. Dirty clothes are soiled and smelly, and sorting them out and arranging them according to type and color isn't exactly a fun job. Add to that the task of taking out heavy, wet clothes out of the washing machine and onto the dryer, and then later on folding them into neat piles then you've got a gargantuan task that will take a significant amount of time to get done. Electrolux Time Manager

Fortunately there is the Electrolux Time Manager front load washing machine.Equipped with all sorts of techno-features, this new machine from Electrolux saves homemakers a few steps from the long rigmarole of washing the family laundry. Its Load Sensor, for example, serves as a built-in weighing scale to let you know exactly how much detergent you’ll have to put and the wash cycle that you have to choose. Its Vapour Action feature removes up to 99.9 percent of the load’s household allergens. And to save you time on the ironing board, its Refresh Cycle steams out the wrinkles in clothes. Plus, the international company recently put up the Electrolux Customer Service Hub, a one-stop-shop to answer all your service needs, whether it’s a part that needs to be replaced or a machine that needs maintenance. For more information, email their Customer Care team at wecare@electrolux.com or call 845-CARE (2273).