Everyday Inspiration


It was tucked in a corner of the Mommy Mundo Bazaar. It was just a table really, but on that table was a spread of goodies that made my heart swoon! sittingpretty3

Sitting Pretty Crafts Studio called out to the craftster in me, the one who, once in a while, attempts to make beautiful things with her own hands.

One of the first things I see—an alphabet stamp set patterned after the typewriter font. I was instantly smitten and proceeded to examine each and every item on the table. There were magnetic boards covered up in pretty printed fabrics. There was also a variety of magnets in different designs, from mirrors and butterflies to clothes pins and color bars. I could already imagine myself filling up that board with words and images that would inspire me.


Another thing that I absolutely loved—fabric tapes which came in different patterns: plaid, floral, and dots. They would definitely come in handy when I start wrapping my presents for this season.

Another mom like me dreams up all of these things by her pretty self—and that thought alone inspires me no end.—Jing


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